Gimme a ride: The cars of Crescendo

Yellow Cabriolet at h20i 2009

I just discovered an enjoyable post posted earlier today, by clumzbella, and entitled Gimme a ride: The cars of Crescendo that I would suggest everyone reads! Below are some extracts to whet your appetites!

Near the beginning of Crescendo, Nora says, “And then I saw it.” What is she talking about? A white VW Cabriolet. She wants it so badly, she gets a job to start saving. Cabriolets come in all shapes and sizes, some more, er, attractive than others. But Nora’s only costs $1,000, so we’re thinking it looks something like this one. We learn in Crescendo that Marcie Millar (hissss!) drives a red Toyota 4Runner.

Now then, reading this article got me thinking so I searched for some more articles on the subject and found some more goodarticles. i.e. this post posted last week, by Scott, on a blog called SACarFan:

The news follows reports from around this time last year that suggested Volkswagen’s purchase of the Karmann brand and its plant at Osnabruck could lead to the Cabrio’s return. The Golf Cabrio last appeared in the company’s line-up as part of the Golf 3 range, although it benefited from a front-end Golf 4 update in 1999. The Eos, replacing the Cabrio when the fifth-generation Golf arrived, had a similar styling update last month, getting Volkswagen’s new letterbox grille and sharpened headlights. Volkswagen has offered few details for the new Golf Cabriolet, although it is expected to do away with the folding hardtop of the Eos, returning to the softtop style of its predecessors. As with previous generations, the new Golf Cabrio will likely be all-but-identical to the Golf’s two-door bodystyle from the ground up to the belt line and boot lid. Production is set to begin next year at Volkswagen’s Osnabruck plant in Germany. The last vehicle to be produced by Karmann at Osnabruck was the Mercedes Benz CLK, which finished production in June last year. Karmann and Volkswagen have a strong history together, thanks in particular to the iconic Beetle-based Karmann Ghia of the 1950s.

Another fantastic post came from admin over on VW Rule posted last week and entitled There will be VW Golf Cabriolet which is also definitely worth a read.

The car will be manufactured at the factory in Osnabruck from spring next year. This was said by the President of the Board of Directors in VW Martin Winterkorn, during a visit to the factory along with the Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, David McAllister. Volkswagen’s factory in Osnabruck was established early this year on the basis of the body studio Karmann, which last year lost their independence because of financial problems and became part of the VW. Now the enterprise is already preparing for the production of conveyor Cabriolet Golf and workers go through training courses. According to Winterkorn, the manufacture of convertible will generate 1800 new jobs. Once stopped production of the passenger compartment Chrysler Crossfire, convertible Mercedes-Benz CLK and exposed Audi A4, Karmann studio had to lay off many employees.

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