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Recently I discovered an enjoyable post by Ross, posted earlier today, and entitled Police issue warning to drivers after 350 cars are crushed – The … that I would suggest everyone reads! I’ve included a couple of little extracts to whet your appetites!

Chief Inspector Vera Bloor from the force’s tactical support department explained: “We are working hard to make Staffordshire’s roads safer. There are many problems associated with vehicles, and a key issue is drivers who are not licensed or insured for the vehicles they are in. Some vehicles also have major problems – such as tyre or brake defects – that could lead to them being involved in a collision causing injury or even death. “If a driver without insurance is involved in a collision there are financial implications for victims and insurance companies. Another worrying implication is drivers without a licence are potentially more dangerous as they have not proved they have the basic driving skills needed to drive a vehicle safely.

Now, reading Ross’s article started me thinking so I googled for some other posts on the subject and uncovered some more goodarticles. i.e. EyeNet Launch International Automated Number Plate Recognition … by matthew.smith, posted back in July, on a blog called National Numbers Articles:

EyeNet Enforcement Systems have set in place an international automated license (ALPR) and number plate recognition standard copyright to provide guidance in the worldwide development of Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems. Thomas Tarach, CEO of EyeNet Enforcement Systems explained, “one of the biggest problems we found our international customers face was untangling the different lists of technical features from the different providers of ANPR. For example, car park and access control operators were requiring reading plates at speeds of 160 MPH. Reading plates on cars traveling that fast is not a need that car park operators have. Companies are paying for expensive cameras and features they don’t need.” The standard will provide companies with clear and simple guidelines, set out in levels of 1-5, depending on how complicated the system is. Level 1 relates to simple systems such as car park number plate readers which rely on single language, infra-red sensors. Level 5 readers will be able to read Chinese, Arabic, English and Thai language characters, with high level responsiveness from colour and infra-red cameras.


We have integrated Arabic and English ANPR with technologies including mobile data communications, live mobile video streaming, GPS, vehicle location wireless protocols from WIMAX to Tetra for Level 5 security. The EyeNet standard is a great tool to communicate these specifications globally.” Kansas based ICOP Digital, Inc. were the first to integrate their software with EyeNet’s ANPR. ICOP President, Laura Owen, is firmly behind the coalition, stating ”the EyeNet standard is a useful guide for customers to get the greatest value. The need for a standard to unify the technology was evident. The critical factor was to make it comprehensive yet simple. The EyeNet standard delivers a thorough, easy to use tool for choosing ANPR and integrated solutions such as in-car video.

Finally, another fantastic post on the subject came from braddenvillage over on Bradden Village posted yesterday, entitled Police Message which is also certainly worth a look.

For more information about DAN please Click Here. We would also like to remind members of the public to be cautious when receiving unsolicited telephone calls or emails by companies asking for details such as credit cards and personal information. Although many companies maybe genuine and are not breaking the law by contacting you, we would urge you to be wary of giving out any information especially when speaking to companies who you have had no previous dealings with. Please Click Here to view a very informative leaflet (PDF), which has been produced by Age UK. Although this is specifically aimed at the elderly, it provides very useful advice on how to prevent yourself and others from becoming a victim of a scam, which can be relevant to all age groups. ———————————————————————————————– Police launch national search for missing north Warwickshire man Date: 28 October 2010 To: All residents From:On behalf of Warwickshire police Reference: WB/CMS/3660/10 Message: Warwickshire Police have launched a national search for 36 year old James Andrew Tatham, who is missing from his home address in Austrey as they believe he could be anywhere in the country.


Officers are becoming increasingly concerned for James’ welfare and are continuing to ask for the public’s help to locate him. Warwickshire Police has also called upon other forces around the country who are using the latest number plate recognition technology in an attempt to locate James who left his home address in a red VW polo, registration P290 NEW. PC 1932 Jason Brotherston said: “James has access to this vehicle, and we believe he could be anywhere in the country. We are working with other officers around the country to help us locate him and his red Polo with the distinctive letters ‘NEW’ in the registration number.

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