European Union plans to ban cars by 2050 ?

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Earlier today, I stumbled upon a great post by dogzilla, posted earlier today, over on Common American Journal entitled European Union plans to ban cars by 2050 ? that I would strongly suggest everyone reads. Below are a few extracts in the hope of piquing your interest!

“Action will follow, legislation, real action to change behaviour.” The Association of British Drivers rejected the proposal to ban cars as economically disastrous and as a “crazy” restriction on mobility. “I suggest that he goes and finds himself a space in the local mental asylum,” said Hugh Bladon, a spokesman for the BDA. “If he wants to bring everywhere to a grinding halt and to plunge us into a new dark age, he is on the right track. We have to keep things moving. The man is off his rocker.


” Mr Kallas has denied that the EU plan to cut car use by half over the next 20 years, before a total ban in 2050, will limit personal mobility or reduce Europe’s economic competitiveness… Read the rest of the article at the Telegraph. H/T The Right Scoop: You know I’ve always been somewhat mystified why Obama and other Democrats are so interested in mass transportation. Perhaps this explains it. This is global warming gone very very wrong, but it makes sense to be honest. Obama himself has said he wants to raise energy prices and that means forcing us from oil/coal to this ‘green’ economy.

Now then, reading this article got me thinking so I searched for some other posts on the subject and uncovered some more gems! i.e. Committee on Climate Change Blog · China gets serious about … posted earlier today, by Committee on Climate Change, over on Committee on Climate Change Blog:

Officials are responding to the guidance contained in China’s latest five-year plan, which has just been approved.  The 12th five-year plan stipulates targets for both energy intensity and carbon intensity.  Energy use per GDP is to fall by 16% over the five years and carbon emissions per GDP by 17%.  The share of non-fossil fuels in primary energy consumption is to rise to 11.4%. There is an interesting parallel here to the UK, which was not lost on my counterparts, although the context is fundamentally different.

Another fine post on the subject came from GardnerPath over on The Gardner Path posted earlier today, entitled Climate Change Science ? Not as complicated as the GOP wants us to … which is also definitely worth reading.

In experiment after experiment, and even into the age of modern observation equipment, laboratory tests, and supercomputers, the evidence that greenhouse gases affect the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere has only become stronger and more irrefutable. Have we answered the question of whether greenhouse gases affect the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere? Well, we’ve known for almost two centuries that the Earth is warm because of gases. And for a century and a half, we’ve known that greenhouse gases absorb and emit heat. And we’ve known for millions of years that when we add heat to something, it warms up. I’m no scientist, but it certainly seems to me as if we’ve answered the question.

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