Entertaining Activities For Car Shows

Earlier today, I found an excellent post posted earlier today, by admin, and entitled Entertaining Activities For Car Shows that I suggest everyone reads! Below are some little excerpts to pique your interest!

There are often some other activities such as dancing and singing as well.  Most car shows will offer some entertainment that can allow you something fun to do.  While the music may not always be live there will usually be something that you can listen to and dance to.  If you are more of a closet danger you can usually just sit and enjoy watching others dance as well. Other fun activities can include face painting for the kids, and even contests for door prizes and raffles.


  There are so many cars from different eras and of course there are plenty of cars that are great sources of inspiration for those who are interested in restoring their own car.  There are some car clubs who organize car shows and car races at the same time.  Deciding what your favorite part of the car show is can depend heavily upon your own personality. If you are looking for a great weekend then going to a car show is a great idea.  Finding something for everyone to enjoy is usually possible and you are almost guaranteed that you will have a fabulous weekend.


  Taking the entire family out to a car show is a lot of fun, and can be a great way to allow your family and children to learn to enjoy your love of cars.  There are always plenty of car shows around that you can enjoy and see and with a bit of planning you may be able to squeeze in more than a single show in a week as well.  Look to car shows as a great family activity and you are sure to thoroughly enjoy the time you are able to spend with your family.  Let the kids have their faces painted, sign up for the door prizes and even take the time to admire all of the gorgeous cars that are on display.  You may even discover that aside from all of the incredible cars that are at the car shows, you may decide that you want to start working on a car of your very own.  Going to a car show can be a great source of inspiration at times, and if you family enjoys the car shows with you, then it makes the perfect activity for an entire family to work on.

Now then, reading admin’s post got me thinking so I had a quick search around for some other articles on the subject and uncovered some more niceposts. For example, this post by TheSpotter, posted two days ago, on WordPress Howto Spotter:

Too much of this form of ‘blogger’s block’ can actually really hurt our blog in the long run; readers on the internet can quickly get bored if their favorite blogs aren’t updated enough, and so they’ll focus their attention on something else.So how will we find inspiration? There’s the usual things you can do, like brainstorming and so on, but sometimes even these can be too conventional to inspire us. Instead, I want to suggest five unique ways we can find inspiration for our next round of blog posts.Look to NatureSo often we spend our time surrounded by technology. We blog and surf the web for many hours a day, so that eventually these things become common nature to us, and in a way we can burnout on this routine. And what about nature? Nature could be the perfect anecdote to this burnout. There is so much that is unique and interesting in nature that could serve as a form of inspiration to our blogging, however indirectly. You could really benefit from taking a day to go look and see what you can find.


Seek Out Inspirational QuotationsAnother thing you can try is to search for inspirational quotations on the internet. There are many databases that organize these quotations by subject matter, or you can set up an email alert that sends you one inspirational quotation each morning. You can uses these quotations to introduce your blog content to give your audience context for the point you are trying to make with each blog post.Share the ReinsThere’s nothing scarier than turning over the reins of your pet project to another person, but that’s exactly something you could try with your blog if you are finding that you have trouble getting your latest few posts written. Of course, I don’t mean that you should turn over the username and password to just anyone; instead, you should seek out a blogger or friend whom you trust. Talk to them about what they think would attract readers to your blog.

Finally, another fine post came from Madelene over on Le Portillon posted last week and entitled Sources of Inspiration which is also definitely worth a read.

There was a phase of reading Cheap Chic from cover to cover and loving all; another of being immersed in the quirk of D.V.. From there, I formed opinions – and then I moved on, finding descriptions of minds and scenes in the works of Anaïs, Sylvia, Marguerite. I have written about them before. I return to their works when I wish for solitude and quiet observations. A fascination that has made me look at all differently, in detail, free to form my life into a life that thrives on more than schedules and realities. If one becomes fully immersed in the imagery of an artist, a film, one’s days start to catch onto and collect little rays of beauty. I had never read but merely flicked through the Gentlewoman before I bought the latest issue. While I am in favor of the basic ideals of style that they chose to project, consuming less and advancing your intellect, the magazine seemed to me hopelessly stuck on fitting all their chosen women into one rather strict mould – I still feel this, even after becoming familiar with it, yet I must succumb and say that it’s inspiring to find a magazine in which one can not only observe beauty or learn about clothes, but also gain ideas and knowledge.

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