Some cars are built with a durable

I just came across an awesome article posted earlier today, by admin, over on Signed Consent entitled Some cars are built with a durable that I suggest you all read! Here’s a couple of excerpts in the hope of whetting your appetites!

Some cars are built with a durable body to withstand collisions. There are even cars that have bullet proof windshields built for the protection of the passengers. This is how modern and advanced are the cars we have right now. But these cars, because of their characteristics, most of the time can cost a lot of money. And because of their cost, they should have proper car insurance protection. In this changing world, the cars? services to the people also improve. In the near future, we can expect more convenience, more comfort and more protection that these cars can provide to all of us.

Now then, reading admin’s post started me off thinking so I googled for some more articles on the subject and found some more gems. e.g. Cadillac Limos | Wedding Cars | School Formal Limo | Sydney posted four days ago, by admin, on a blog called Wedding Limo:

Stretch Hummers and Chryslers are great but they have no soul. Whereas a 1950’s Cadillac has the looks, the class, the nostalgia and of course loads of character and soul. But don’t take our word for it. Click onto our WEBSITE and check out the cars for yourself.

Finally, another fine article came from csweet on Thangz Gangsta Rappers Dig posted back in 2009 and entitled 5 Old School Cars which is also certainly worth a read.

No self-respecting gangsta rapper would ever be caught dead riding around in a “bucket” or car way past it’s prime in every detail because the car is seen as a reflection of them and it’s very difficult to be fly with multi-colored door panels. You might say that gangsta rappers are connoisseurs; much like a wine expert, they know the best years of any make deemed appropriate to their tastes. Makers such as Chevy and Cadillac have enjoyed a long tenure as gangsta rap’s favorite vehicles. Models vary from region to region along with any additional accoutrements like rims, muffler pipes, etc. A basic breakdown would be this: Cadillacs are usually always a good choice but in order to truly represent your gangsta in the most fashion-forward manner you would have to choose a vehicle made from the 1960s to the 1980s preferably with a rag and or drop top and a diamond shaped window in the back. Popular models include Eldorado and Cutlass, respectively. In the realm of Chevrolet, the Impala is a notable gangsta rap staple (usually the 1964 Super Sport) alongside the Caprice Classic and all four have been celebrate in gangsta rap songs new and old all over the world. The most straightforward references of this has been directly in song titles; “Diamonds and Cadillacs” by Jackie Chain,  “My ’64″ by Mike Jones and “Caprice Music” by Tum Tum are three current examples of the gangsta rappers continued adoration and support of said cars.

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