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I just came across an awesome post posted earlier today, by unknown, and entitled Tesco To Start Selling Used Cars « Breaking News, Weather … that I suggest all of you read! Here’s a few little excerpts in the hope of piquing your interest!

The supermarket colossus Tesco plans to embellish the prototypal generalized merchandiser to move a utilised automobile purchase website. The company claims it can offer lower prices by keeping overheads down. It will show detailed pictures of vehicles for sale, including any scrapes and dents, as well as a history report and fuel usage details. It will not, however, give people the chance to test-drive the cars, instead, a video off the car being tested will be shown. Tesco says all vehicles will undergo a strict vetting process, including a mechanical inspection by the RAC. All cars will come with a three month RAC warranty and the price will not be open to negotiation. Tesco says by supplying directly to customers, there is no middle man, no expensive showroom and no salespeople on commission.

Now then, reading this started me thinking so I did a google search for some other posts on the subject and discovered some more interestingarticles. i.e. Tesco to start selling used cars by UK4NET, posted earlier today, on a blog called UK4NET News:

All cars will come with a 3 month RAC guaranty and a cost will not be open to negotiation. Tesco says by provision directly to customers, there is no center man, no costly salon and no salespeople on commission. The infancy of cars for sale will come from swift and franchise sinecure companies, with one purebred screw and a minute use history. Steve Fowler, editor of What Car? repository pronounced it was too early to tell if automobile buyers would be happy shopping though physically saying or pushing a vehicle, though pronounced it did seem to offer a picturesque choice to “standing on a forecourt, haggling”. The engine trade, that is value £24bn a year, is one of a biggest generators of complaints to consumer groups. As good as a distinction from offered a cars, Tesco could also advantage from drivers regulating a financial services, such as a loan, word or a relapse cover it offers. Article source: http://www.bbc.co.

Another fine post came from Steve Fowler over on Fuel Hardy posted back in March and entitled Blog Archive » Simple Fuel Price Protection ? is it … which is also definitely worth a read!

I understand the basics – if you plan to purchase diesel fuel at a later date and you also believe that the price of diesel is going to increase, you can buy a contract and take a long position in heating oil futures. This long position will enable you to profit if the price of heating oil does continue to rise prior to the date you purchase the diesel. But that simple explanation highlights some of the issues. First you normally need to buy a “contract” or at least 42,000 gallons and then it is tied to the price of home heating fuel sold in New York harbor. The price of home heating oil should have a correlation to what diesel sells for in your area. Try explaining  that to your companies management, especially if it doesn’t work out for you.  That isn’t to say these aren’t excellent programs run by very bright and honest folks – I’m just saying it isn’t the easiest thing to understand let alone explain to someone else who is busy running their business and not watching heating oil prices on the NYMEX .


Another feature I like is the option to use your “banked” gallons regardless of the pump price or use them only when the price is higher than what you paid. This is all managed through the fuel card program so you can keep buying fuel anywhere you want and the system will track all of your purchases and make adjustments as needed. While not as good as a crystal ball, the program allows a company to at least protect themselves from devastating rises in the price of fuel. If you are managing to a budget than you know what you will be spending regardless of what the pump says. It could give you some breathing space until prices stabilize and/or you make adjustments in your cost of goods/services sold. For more information or any questions please feel free to email me directly or visit our web sites. www.360Fuelcard.

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