Flying cars swoop to the rescue

Earlier today, I stumbled upon a good article by eda carrie, posted earlier today, and entitled Flying cars swoop to the rescue that I suggest all of you read! Here’s a couple of little excerpts in order to whet your appetites!

That is the verdict of engineers from the US space agency and aeronautical firms, who envision future commuters travelling by “skycar”. These could look much like the concept skycar shown in the picture, designed by Boeing research and development. However, such vehicles could be some 25 years from appearing on the market. Efforts to build flying vehicles in the past have not been very successful. Such vehicles would not only be expensive and require the skills of a trained pilot to fly, but there are significant engineering challenges involved in developing them. “When you try to combine them you get the worst of both worlds: a very heavy, slow, expensive vehicle that’s hard to use,” said Mark Moore, head of the personal air vehicle (PAV) division of the vehicle systems program at Nasa’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, US. But Boeing is also considering how to police the airways – and prevent total pandemonium – if thousands of flying cars enter the skies.

Now, reading eda carrie’s article got me thinking so I did a google search for more posts on the subject and found some more greats! e.g. this post posted earlier today, by seo, on My xbox repair

  Decision Support Systems and Business Intelligenceanswer There are quite a few terms which are applied in enterprise, finance, managing, management, reporting, decision creating procedures, a lot of similarities and many misundersatandings in business intelligence marketplace like: Information Techniques (IS), Administration Facts Programs (MIS), Selectioncourse=”alignleft” title=”decision supporting methods and business intelligence}”  Supporting Systems (DSS), Information Management (KM), Government Information Systems (EIS), Business Performance Management (BPM), Data Warehouse (DWH), Data Mining (DM) and a lot of more. Users would like to understand what it is and which are links in between all this called terms. Basically there is a permanent necessity of outlining all relations and roles of business intelligence industry, solutions and derivates and it’s function in conclusion supporting techniques. It is prefer speaking concerning pieces of one big picture. But we could not locate finish image on a web nor in literature. Seeming…  it’s not clear also to those who are really deeply in BI or DSS industry, create BI documents, develop and implement alternatives and comparable. If it’s not clear for those who supply DSS, MIS, BI options, how can it be crystal clear for annoyed users who desire options to their cumulative troubles. Really problems tend too solely become bigger.


Starting for every reporting procedure are supply systems like ERP, CRM, Charging, Gross sales application, Provisioning, and etc. develop easy reviews and provide if installed info repository. Supply systems are created for dealings (gathering and processing information) not for reporting purposes. Best would be too possess carried out DWH as data repository but it’s not mandatory.  Commonly DWH can not retailer/ could not shop all reviews from obtain programs and which’s the motive why obtain systems reviews are used in DSS, selection supporting systems.


Greatest illustration of FCBI functionality is that it prepares financially integrated data and prepares financial claims. Without it would it is nearly unattainable to make for example Price of Gross sales Revenue and Reduction Assertion or Stability Sheet per Enterprise Items in complex corporate environment. FCBI basically prepares formal financial claims with derivates for inside usage. Managing departement position is essential in order too hold it running effectively. Complete Managing Notion DSS ought to be primarily based upon integrated remedy of all results coming from DM, BI, FCBI, BPM, exterior info and management sensation  for heavy and detailed know-how what is heading on in company.

Another fine article came from admin over on Premier trade forex posted earlier today and entitled Masters in Computer Science School Rankings which is also definitely worth a look!

  the Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) at Stanford has ten areas of specialization, allowing students to select their own career tracks while completing a prestigious degree.  those areas of specialization are unusual academic categories.  They include Human-Computer Interaction, Database Systems, Security, Real-World Computing, Theoretical Computer Science, Systems, Software Theory, Biocomputation, Software Theory, and Artificial Intelligence. 3.      Georgia Tech University is one of the finest technical and scientific research schools in the nation.  the computer science program is the most respected of its type in the Southeast, offering a number of Master of Science in Computer Science degrees as terminal options, apart from the PhD and research track.


  the Masters in Computational Science and Engineering goes beyond the typical Computer Engineering curriculum to create a true multidisciplinary course of study.  the Masters in Bioengineering – Computer Science is similar in scope, combining two difficult academic disciplines into one course of study.  the Master of Computer Science in Human-Computer Interaction is a more traditional area of focus for compute r science graduate students. 4.      University of Michigan offers the graduate program in computer science through the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.  the two disciplines are linked in every academic curriculum at the master’s level.

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