CCC ? a note on cars, carbon and cycles

I can include it today But first a health warning Calculating these costs involves assumptions and controversial judgement calls nonetheless the results can be interesting and useful

Recently I stumbled upon a fantastic article by Olaf Storbeck, posted three weeks ago, over on Cycling Intelligence entitled CCC ? a note on cars, carbon and cycles that I would urge all of you to read! Here’s a few extracts in the hope of whetting your appetites!

That’s merely a drop in the bucket. What would happen if London would turn into Berlin where 13% of all journey are done by bike? We would have 3,2 additional bike journeys per day. On a yearly basis they would save 1,3 million tons of CO2 (2,9% of all carbon emissions in London) The numbers are getting more impressive if you assume London would turn into Amsterdam with regards to cycling. In the Dutch city 22% of all journey are being done by bike. For London this would mean 5,7 additional bike trips per day and 2,4 Million less CO2 per year. Total CO2 emissions would shrink by 5% per year and the emissions of ground based transportation would fall by 24 %. Unfortunately such a scenario is highly unlikely. Even if the modal share of cycling in London would jump to 22%, car usage probably would not fall in the same extent. 5.

Now then, reading this post started me thinking so I had a quick search around for some other articles on the subject and found some more niceposts. e.g. Negative Externalities posted back in January, by Alex Tabarrok, over on Marginal Revolution:

Smoking is bad for pregnant women, sure. But that is not why there is outrage over a pregnant woman smoking. Smoking, culturally, has switched from something glamorous in popular culture, to something that denotes working class in popular culture. In the 1930s, it would be someone rich and posh in a movie smoking… in the 21st century, a movie would use smoking as a cue that they are working-class, like a truck driver or factory worker. So while eating a vegan diet while pregnant, or forgoing vaccinations because of autism-hysteria, or having a birth with a midwife in your bathtub instead of going to a hospital, are all behaviors that put an unborn baby in the same sort of risk… People aren’t going to be outraged by it, because all those behaviors are indicative of the upper-middle-class lifestyle. We are outraged, because we are conditioned to show a healthy disrespect for lower-class people, lest we be mistaken for being lower class. We posture against working-class behavior, trying to signal that we ourselves are not working class. .

Another fine post came from admin on Culture and Law posted earlier today and entitled Externalities of Casino which is also certainly worth reading!

A positive externality is premised on the concept of free riding. It means a non-consumer benefit from the consumption of others. For instance music; your neighbour bought the compilation of music by a popular artist and he plays it loudly. You, instead of being annoyed by the music playing loudly, also enjoy the music being played.


Another positive externality would be status that one obtains by simply visiting a casino without actually playing. On the other hand, a negative externality of casino would be the pollution brought by the wastes of the establishment. The image brought about by casinos could be both a positive and negative externality to the community that hosts them. Dealing with externality is case to case basis, but negative externalities must be addressed by the government in order to promote the general welfare of its constituents.

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