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Guns N Roses

I recently stumbled upon a fantastic article by martha, posted earlier today, over on Karmaloop Ladies’ BlogKarmaloop Ladies’ Blog | Karmaloop Ladies’ Blog entitled Vans x Jesse Jo Contest | Karmaloop Ladies' Blog | Karmaloop … that I suggest all of you read. I’ve included some excerpts in the hope of whetting your appetites!

  It was rad to go through every shoe lace and every fabric.  DID YOU KNOW that the lil’ thingy on the end of the shoe lace is called an aglet!!?  Thanks Ryan for that awesome fact. Q:  Did you receive any advice from your parents on creating your own collection? A:  HELL YEAH. Q:  The collection is DIY inspired, when did you start creating your own clothes and accessories from already existing pieces? A:  For as long as I can remember.  I used to staple and scotch tape pieces of leather together to try and make a bag. Q:  What are your favorite styles from the collection? A:  SOCKS. Q:  The collection features an image of a triceratops and T.

Now then, reading this article got me thinking so I did a google search for more posts on the subject and discovered some more greats. i.e. Guns N' Roses to Rock Bangalore ? Concert at Palace Grounds on 7th … posted back in 2009, by reporter, over on Arunachal News:

Guns N’ Roses (GNR) Bangalore Concert, Place Grounds November 7th 2009 Guns N’ Roses (GNR) is planning a tour of India in November 2009. The heavy rockers, fronted by Axl Rose, have signed on to perform at the Palace Grounds in Bangalore Nov 7, reported ‘It is true that we are bringing Guns N’ Roses to India. As of now, I can tell you that the Bangalore concert has been confirmed. We’re still in talks with people in Mumbai and Delhi, so let’s hope that works out.


However, there is a good chance we can take the band to Shillong as well,’ said Raj Sinha, director of Rhapsody Inc., the company organising the Bangalore concert. This is a concert no GNR fan should ever miss! It would rock both heaven and hell in full fury if the original lineup of Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan and Steven Adler were in the show. If God could grant a wish, we’d like to be time travelled to 1988 to see the wild and raw power concert of the “Most Dangerous Band in the World” – Guns N’ Roses. Pray this concert is not cancelled because of any reason at any cost, or Guns N’ Roses fans all over India would be greatly disappointed.

Finally, another fine post came from ? ?? over on Freshman English II posted a fortnight ago and entitled Guns N' Roses ? Welcome To The Jungle which is also certainly worth a look!

By 沈 柏廷 Guns N’ Roses  is a hard rock band from America. It was actually formed by two bands. One was Hollywood Rose, and the other was  L.A. Guns in 1985.

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    Would a reunited Guns N’ Roses band be the highest-grossing tour ever? Take the poll and see what others are saying.

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