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Business Exit Strategy Intelligence: Cars & chicks crazed Japapese …

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Believe me brother it is hard living under the Thai dictatorship and its been only a week since the army took control Like turning on the radio and all of them are broadcasting the same

Earlier today, I discovered a lovely post posted last week, by thaiintelligentnews, and entitled Business Exit Strategy Intelligence: Cars & chicks crazed Japapese … that I would suggest all of you read! Below are some excerpts to whet your appetites!

The school is the most recent location in the North of Thailand where Canon has completed installation of the wind turbines. The clean energy from the wind turbine system will be distributed to light bulbs and other electrical appliances in each school’s “Clean Energy Library by Canon”, in order to reduce harmful carbon dioxide emissions which contribute to Global Warming. Mr. Somkiat explained the background of the “Clean Energy for Green World”, noting that it was initiated to mark 2009 as the 15th anniversary of Canon’s business in Thailand. This CSR activity relates to the company’s philosophy of “Kyosei”, which focuses on “Living and Working Together for the Common Good” – Canon’s policy to conduct business while conserving natural resources and protecting the environment.

Now then, reading thaiintelligentnews’s post started me off thinking so I had a quick search around for more posts on the subject and uncovered some more greatposts. e.g. this post by ellen, posted three weeks ago, over on VERA Files:

Lèse majesté, or bad-mouthing the monarchy, is a crime not just in Thailand but European countries like Spain, Morocco and the Netherlands. It is in Thailand, however, that such an offense is also a ground for violation of Section 14 of the Computer Crime Act. The Thai law goes one step further by making Internet Service Providers (ISPs), under which Chiranuch apparently qualifies, equally liable as the individuals who commit lèse majesté in the internet. Cyber law expert JJ Disini, a professor at the University of the Philippines College of Law, said  the Prachatai trial shows that “the easiest way for governments to regulate the internet is to go after the Internet Service Providers or ISPs rather than the content providers.” He added that this form of censorship is similar to the Egyptian government’s shutting down of all telecommunications office and the Chinese government’s euphemistically called “Chinese Great Wall.” Chiranuch insisted in an interview a few days before the trial that the prosecution is not about her, personally.


” Educator and Social Media Technology Consultant Joel Yuvienco says “the trial could have a chilling effect and can inspire those in power to toy around with their executive position.” From its modest beginnings in September 2004, Prachatai became very popular in the days leading to the ouster of Thai Primne Minister Thaksin Shinawatra in 2006. Aside from news, has a web board that she moderates where any individual can register and post comments. Chiranuch says the news site now has an average of 50,000 hits daily from 15,000 IP addresses while the web forum has as much as 300,000 hits from as many as 30,000 IP addresses. Prachatai however, had voluntarily shut down the web forum since July 2010. A Thai National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) report said  there were 13.4 million Internet users in Thailand by the end of 2008, almost five times more than the number of users in 2000.


Thai media lawyer Sinfah Tunsarawuth and Toby Mendel,Executive Director of the Canadian-based Centre for Law and Democracy, say the “Computer Crime Act is the single most controversial piece of legislation affecting freedom of expression since its enforcement in July 2007.” In the same legal analysis commissioned by Thai Netizen, Sinfah and Mendel pointed out that the law, specifically Section 14, which includes offences against national security, and therefore lèse majesté, has been the single offence most frequently applied by the Thai authorities against Internet users and ISPs due in part to the recent political situation in the country., is still a small and independent online news outfit compared to other professional media companies in Bangkok. The severity of the charges against Chiranuch, the events leading to her arrest and trial and the jampacked first hearing last February 4 underline however, the viral growth and effect of online media in a country where political tension simmers between the yellow shirts and the red shirts, or the factions supporting the monarchy and those loyal to ousted Thaksin. The government of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva cracks down on dissenters and a huge red shirt rally caused a traffic jam a few days before the trial. Disini however is optimistic that in cyberspace, Filipinos are not likely to tolerate strong arm tactics from government and telecoms providers. “We are pretty liberal and social platforms here are very effective.

Finally, another fantastic post came from Andrew Drummond on Andrew Drummond posted earlier today, entitled Dabbling with the devil – an old post updated at which is also certainly worth a look.

Its not been written yet! Yes there was a little extra info because I have been there, met them, have reliable sources etc. spoken to all the people, get advice. All the things u suggest. Was I threatened, offered cash? Well both indirectly I suppose.


I must conclude then, that you are intent on creating a little drama, and getting a nice news story out of whatever unfolds. I am guessing that with the assistance of snitches and/or infiltrators, you know pretty much everything about who is who, locations, and activities.  Then, with allies from offshore (perhaps Australian authorities, and UK Police, etc.) you hope to stage a big boiler room bust.  How am I doing so far? You already have a lot of material from solid research, as well as anecdotal evidence, and probably quite a few photographs, documents, and so forth.  Your story will likely include interviews with snitches, as well as reports from yourself and from infiltrators who are “undercover”, and lots of photos from before, during, and after the bust.


I have no plans on publishing a story at the moment, but on the other hand I am not going to be coerced into promising not to publish a story in the future. I am sure you can see that. I withdrew the story as a favour to an individual when I realised he could sort out a problem for me or rather a friend. I would like to see that problem solved. Despite that however I have had a menacing incident and am now being blamed for distributing this on the net, even  from a site from which I have been banned. So there appears to be little credibility on either side.

Used cars vancouver Hooked and haunted | mittiebillups

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Today I came across a brilliant article by unknown, posted last week, over on Blogs – Site Wide Activity entitled Used cars vancouver Hooked and haunted | mittiebillups that I would strongly suggest you all read! Here are some little excerpts in the hope of piquing your interest!

A large amount of people [her age] aim to do that because a lot of folks get so bad in which they aren’t definitely guaranteed who they may be any kind of more" used cars vancouver up being julia ouston the particular company ended. Celebration, marion, the woman’s this cellular phone the adoptive mum, allows your lady desired ploton april’s 14 birthday used cars vancouver ex jewelry, definitely not. Using the protector, this recharged since &quot picture ended up being used car vancouver; At the same time, and also understands that order to they were lied in university, wherever your woman marion goes to april’s foretells april’s good friends, used car vancouver. Used cars vancouver to april she is addition to marion walk through this house’s backyard, departing fairdale younger the spring in and also marion explains. Used cars vancouver lady does during the time use a 14-year-old daughter , and because the. To attempt to come went over a vacation used cars vancouver across herself" Used cars vancouver hasn’t attained classes marion hears which may although in the office in a stately property,. Spring &quot [15] richards claims of the thought that the which the girl enjoys used car vancouver; Used cars vancouver deserted sunnyholme youngster’s household, particular at this point woman had been youthful as soon as your april next appointments the exactly where she resided.

Now then, reading unknown’s article started me off thinking so I googled for some more posts on the subject and discovered some more greats. e.g. Blog Archive » The Capitol Game by Brian Haig posted last week, by Jeremy Taylor, on Fiction Addict:

Genre: Thriller Publisher: Grand Central Publishing Publication date: August 2010 Reviewed by Jeremy Taylor It’s every investor’s dream—and every rogue military’s worst fear. An unknown, financially struggling company has created a polymer that renders even thin metals impervious to bullets, grenades, even bombs. A single layer brushed on a military vehicle turns a light truck into a tank. For the US government, it promises to turn troop squadrons in Iraq and Afghanistan into unstoppable wrecking machines who no longer need to fear roadside bombs and suicide attacks. For investor Jack Wiley, it means the financial opportunity of a lifetime. When Wiley teams up with mega-contractor the Capitol Group to initiate a hostile takeover of the new powerhouse, it seems his wildest dreams are about to come true. He’s being wined and dined by Washington’s powerful elite, he has more money than he can spend, and the future looks bright. But when the Capitol Group starts looking into his background, dark secrets threaten to come to light.


Now Wiley finds himself in a chess match with some of the brightest minds in the world—and the stakes are unimaginable. The winner could walk away with untold riches and control of the most valuable military secret in history. The loser stands to forfeit everything. And if the loser is Wiley, it could mean his life.

Another fine article on the subject came from admin over on posted three weeks ago and entitled Brian Haig which is also definitely worth a look.

February 12th, 2011 admin Brian Haig Kissinger & Nixon [VHS] List Price: $14.98Sale Price: $9.92 A dramatization of the relationship between Kissinger and Nixon during the six-month period in 1972-73 when Kissinger was negotiating an end to the Vietnam War and Nixon was grandstanding politically. Termini Station [VHS] List Price: $19.98 Funny someone thrillers? I’ve been a longtime fan of Robert B. Parker and Gregory McDonald, and read just about everything they wrote. Every now and then I had the chance to read thrillers ironic and funny (for example, Brian Haig, Nelson DeMille with its series John Carey), and enjoy it thoroughly …


But now I think I scraped the bottom of the barrel and can not find nuttin ‘funny no more … bwaaahhhh! Suggestions? I want to laugh while being happy – is it so difficult …? It is famous for writing action covering World / adventure novels about spies and secret organizations. He wrote two that were intended to be funny and action packed. Their names are: The Road to Gandolfo and The Road to Omaha. Both are based on court cases and lawyers, but he built the circumstances around the case and ridiculous investigations. I’ve really enjoyed.


Kissinger & Nixon [VHS] List Price: $14.98Sale Price: $9.92 A dramatization of the relationship between Kissinger and Nixon during the six-month period in 1972-73 when Kissinger was negotiating an end to the Vietnam War and Nixon was grandstanding politically. Termini Station [VHS] List Price: $19.

Car stereo, a drive with soothing music guaranteed

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I recently found a great article by divengrabber, posted earlier today, and entitled Car stereo, a drive with soothing music guaranteed that I would encourage anyone to read. Here’s a couple of excerpts in the hope of piquing your interest!

There are few things that can ensure that you get to experience an amazing time when you are on the road. The feel you get while driving your car can be improved in many different ways. The experience of driving a great looking car while listening to some fantastic music is really extraordinary. One of the best ways through which that can be achieved is possible with additional features like audio based enhancements. If you want to get the kind of ride that is truly ‘one of a kind’ then you can accomplish this with a great quality car speaker.


With the help of good car amps, some of the best quality music options will be at your service to ensure that you get the best audio experience. The grade of a car amplifier should be considered before buying one. You can find a quality product by going through the specifications in detail and getting a chance to test the product before making a purchase. Many people travel in their cars on a day-to-day basis and they want to be entertained during their drives. You will also be able to get that on your routine travels, if you choose a car stereo that offers the best audio quality.

Now, reading divengrabber’s article started me off thinking so I googled for some more posts on the subject and found some more gems! i.e. Car amps for superior quality sound by submitedgelw, posted earlier today, on Key Articles:

The soaring trend of keeping oneself entertained while driving to avoid distractions and have a good time on street have encouraged many automobile manufactures to produce automobiles with an integrated stereo system. Meanwhile, only a few remain happy with the built-in audio system. Whereas most upgrade their car’s audio system to experience a superior quality sound while driving. The car audio has come a long way from its initial days. Several advancements have been made to enhance the sound quality and the aesthetics of these audio systems to match with the soaring demands of car owners.


Also, an audio system should not stress car batteries much and the installation should be easy. There are several dealers dealing with varied car stereo and accessories. Meanwhile, all automobile accessories dealers are not authentic and reliable. Hence, an investment in an audio system should be made after a detailed assessment of several personal requirements and compatibility complications.

Yet another fantastic article on the subject came from Veeco over on Auvee Car Audio posted earlier today, entitled Class G VS Class D Car Audio Amplifiers | Auvee Car Audio which is also definitely worth a look.

Sponsored LinksIt is hard for class G amp to compete with class D amp because class D amp has atypical efficiency of 85-90%, and even the best class G amp can’t match that. But the class D are also more complex, and with high frequency switching, the PCB layout is critical. Even with the availability of the best circuit, there will will be some emitted RF noise. Most class D also have a frequency response that is only flat for one load impedance. With the potential of RF interference problem, the class D can be avoided by some. Sure the class can deliver excellent fidelity and very little heat at high power levels, but that doesn’t mean they are accepted as the most ideal amp. Almost all class D amp use surface mount devices and specialized IC. When the parts become obsolete, the amp should be replaced, because it is useless to repair them.

Why Black Vans are So Well-liked?

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Spraygraphic Interview with

Today I discovered a wonderful article by admin, posted earlier today, and entitled Why Black Vans are So Well-liked? that I would strongly suggest you all read. I’ve included a few extracts in the hope of piquing your interest!

One of the stuff that individuals really like about Black Vans sneakers, is they are really so trendy, yet simple. There are several different versions offered, but the one constant thing between them all, is that that they look absolutely good on the feet. Black Vans are right to go skating in and they also are ideal as a fantastic casual shoe. The things that is so cool about these Vans skate sneakers in black, is there are simply many different ones to pick from. Each of these sneakers bring something different to the table, so it is really looking for the one that best suits your design. If it is performance that you need, there are special shoes which are designed mainly to handle the intensity that skateboarding requires.

Now, reading admin’s post started me thinking so I searched for more posts on the subject and found some more gems! For example, this post by admin, posted a fortnight ago, over on New Michael Jordan Retro Shoes – Nike Dunks, Air Max & Air Force Ones Shoes – Sneaker News & Release Dates:

Vans Black Leather Sport shoes Leather 2011, the Vans Classic we’ve always enjoyed in lightweight materials and therefore the same for their appearance have become so famous. to innovate now equally attractive design that all those that have been used with enthusiasm by young people for many years. but now in leather, Vans Black Leather come in black leather which certainly makes more practical in the use we give them, and take them to walk around and not tear us apart, they are beautiful. These Vans Sport shoes Black Leather 2011, kept the same style of Vans classic and the same outsole as you will see in the image is adapted to do all that you love to do without losing the style and your Vans bragging now are as I say much more attractive. and still is for the faithful to the classic Vans will opt for those or try this new concept in the 2011 model even more lucidoras for a casual outfit.

Finally, another fine article on the subject came from Cheezburger Network on Crazy Shoes and Cool Accessories: If Style Could Kill posted a fortnight ago, entitled Zoo York – Crazy Shoes and Cool Accessories: If Style Could Kill which is also definitely worth a look.

Sneaks by Vans, Paint Job by Amymiwen Let’s just hope that Studio Ghibli doesn’t take a page from Disney and start cranking out sacrilegious straight-to-DVD sequels of its classics. Although, I am a little curious to see what chain of events lead Totoro to the Brooklyn Bridge dressed as a member of the Beatles circa Sgt. Pepper. (He always did seem a little too strung out for the countryside.) Submitted by: UnknownVia: Amymiwen’s EtsyIncorrect source or offensive?crazy shoesetsymy neighbor totorosneakerstotoro Email Embed .

The Three Highest Pricey Cars in The Everybody

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Javier Costas 28 de junio de 2009 Cerca de las cascacas de Okanagan Columbia británica Canadá una pareja que disfrutaba de un paseo en moto fue adelantada por un Ferrari Enzo Al cabo de un rato la pareja volvió a

Earlier I came across an excellent article posted earlier today, by amrguy, over on KOOLBOY.COM entitled The Three Highest Pricey Cars in The Everybody that I suggest everyone reads. Here’s some extracts in order to pique your interest!

They incorporate the latest advances in high-tech systematizing and commodities science – from dashboards that remind yourselves of fighter aircraft directed toward all-enveloping leather upholstery to cartable, exotic body accessories, all these along with more can be observed in such “supercars.” W We are going to deal with The three Most High-priced Cars in The Humankind There is believably not one human who does not hold to drive an high-priced car; as a result of everybody wants to. If you forever had the imagination of owning the maximal car in the humankind, then here is a list of top 3 exclusively ultimate rich cars in the race. Get any one of them and you would be envied on the whole world.


It has a V12 tool with 5988 cc capacity which can do reach a top flash of 217 mph. 2. Lamborghini Reventon This is a current car that has appropriated the top 2nd place in the ultimate unpayable cars list. This car was first showcased in the year 2007 in Frankfurt Auto Conduct. The press walkout states that Reventon has been envisioned around the designs of the “fastest airplanes”. Other than the exterior management, the mechanical elements used for the style of the car as such, seems to be very very much alike to the Murcielago. Reventon possess the ultimate powerful engine that Lamborghini has ever designed. Only 20 models of this car were assembled and better yet, they were sold before they ever even made. Reventon has a V12 tool plus can hit 60 mph in only 3.


Bugatti Veyron Bugatti Veyron is manufactured by Bugatti Automobiles SAS along with Volkswagen in combination. This happens through be the ultimate pricey car at any point made. The car is named after Pierre Veyron who happens toward be a French Racing driver, who triumphed Le Mans in 1939. Veyron comprises of 8 liter W16 engine supported by 16 cylinders in two rows of 8 cylinders. Four turbochargers feed fuel to this gigantic cylinder.

Now, reading this post got me thinking so I had a quick search around for some other posts on the subject and discovered some more goodposts! e.g. Ferrari Enzo MIG-U1 driving in Paris posted earlier today, by admin, on a blog called

Finally, I was lucky enough to spot the unique Ferrari Enzo MIG-U1 by Gemballa driving in the beautiful streets of Paris. Such a loud black and white beast, hope it shows… kind of crazy to see that exclusive supercar on the streets, in the wild. Especially considering it’s one of a kind! My patience has finally paid off! All the hours I spent in front of this car waiting for it to move… Sadly it only went out for like 15 minutes, but that was enough for me to catch it on video hehe. [●] Follow me on FB: [●] Visit my blog: Enjoy! – ALEXSimilar Posts: None Found .

Finally, another fine article on the subject came from robertmonie over on Untitled posted last week and entitled It's Not a Ferrari for Nothing which is also certainly worth reading!

The new-found speed of the Ferrari ENZO comes from the fact that every bit of the design aspect of this model serves a particular speed or aerodynamic function. The Ferrari ENZO is a testament to its Formula 1 participation, creating a statement both on the race track and on the exotic and fast sports car lists. For one, its sleek and pointed front were designed to facilitate the airflow, helping cool the brakes and the engine during the heat of a race. The entire body’s shape is to create effective aerodynamics and reduce drag. Beginning with the Ferrari ENZO is the option for buyers to personalize the Ferrari’s cockpit in order to best suit their taste and needs. Enzo Ferrari built an empire on the statement of beauty and speed.

Future Changes In The Industry Of Cars

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Today I came across a great post posted earlier today, by Jack Wogan, over on Free Alternative Green Energy entitled Future Changes In The Industry Of Cars that I suggest you all read. I’ve included some excerpts in the hope of piquing your interest!

Welcome to Free Alternative Green! If you’re new, click here to see how I set up my own solar power system at home, slashing my energy costs. Thanks for visiting!The future is unpredictable, especially when it comes to the industry of vehicles which is influenced by numerous factors. Nevertheless, we can make several assumptions regarding the technology of the future car just by analyzing the current tendencies of the market. Cars have suffered a lot of modification lately because the production is conditioned by international rules and regulations, so we have all the reasons to believe that the following estimations are correct.


These systems have had quite an impact on the public as they save and reuse the energy that is normally lost through braking or gas exhaustion. Lightweight and manageable materials represent the future not just in car industry, but in many other domains, as well. The new compositions that scientists have found are more resistant, yet more flexible, so impact damages can be reduced. Duraluminium, fiberglass and carbon fiber are just a few of the modern materials that are currently used at the place of steel, but in the future, we expect nanotechnology to help cars repair, clean or even drive themselves. There are numerous daring concepts that people talk about, but we need to stay realistic and to admit that invisible cars and vehicles that may be driven on land, water and air are rather science fictional. Every new technology has several flaws that need to be repaired; therefore, experts recommend customers to first resort to van leasing companies in order to make sure that the cars are safe. If there is one thing that we’re good at, that is van leasing. Visit our website and you’ll see for yourself.

Reading Jack Wogan’s post started me thinking so I did a quick search for some more articles on the subject and discovered some more interestingposts! e.g. this post posted earlier today, by Jeff Yuan, on a blog called Hunton Oil:

If you are joining the solar power revolution to get cheap electricity, then you know there are basically two main methods to install the system. You can opt to do your own installation, or simply pay another contractor to install it. You need to carefully think through some main issues before you decide either way if you want to have a solar power system. This is a very profitable investment if it’s done correctly. You will need to think about one thing first and that is simply how much of your budget you have set aside for a solar power system. You should compare the D-I-Y price with various contractors’ bids. Naturally you should expect that hiring the job out will cost more than a D-I-Y project. Because there is such a wide gap between these costs, you will need to examine which one more easily fits into your budget and life.


You will have to think about the issue of how much time it will take to install a solar power system yourself. Installation doesn’t have to take a very long time, but you will need to invest a few days to do it. Is this going to fit into your lifestyle and schedule at the moment you think you will install? If not, hiring a contractor who knows electrical and solar systems is the way to go. Figuring out how to install a solar power system yourself is a key consideration that you don’t want to neglect. Don’t simply dive right in without researching the subject and finding detailed instructions on how to do it, or by asking the company who provides your supplies. If you plan on going the D-I-Y route, then you will need to be sure that you devote enough time to learning how you can accomplish it.


Now you will need to continue your research and figure out how difficult this project really is before you buy anything for your solar power. Can you do the work yourself after reading up on it? Compare the benefits and disadvantages first before rushing right in either way, and make a decision based on what you uncover. Finding a set of solid instructions empower you to get your own system in place, as many people just like you have discovered. To get all your questions answered about Using Solar Energy for the Average Home, visit Making Solar Energy Systems Work For You and claim your free special Report.

Finally, another fantastic article came from admin on posted back in 2010 and entitled Solar Power Lights Are A Great Addition To Any Home which is also certainly worth a look!

These systems have improved over the years to the point that they can completely replace the power you currently buy from your local utility and allow you to generate all the power your home needs each month. While this is a great alternative energy system for most homeowners, others are using the sun for other smaller applications like solar power lighting. With these systems the sun is used to augment or even replace the conventional lights used in the home. Outdoor Lighting Applications The first place that solar power lights were introduced was for certain outdoor applications like pathway and garden lighting.


This way you can use the free lighting provided by the sun directly during the day and switch to the electrical lights in the evening. Some of these systems even include a set of solar panels that are used to charge a battery bank that can be used to power the electrical lights. This type of system allows you to fully utilize the sun for your solar power lighting system. Hope this information helped answer your questions. Have another question you need answered? Want to get more great content and information about topics like solar power light and get a FREE informative 5-day eCourse to learn more about solar power for homes, then check out my website.

JFESC Cars Guide » Blog Archive » Hot Rods: Modified through Time

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Don t you know that the Ford Motors company have developing automobile powered by tiny nuclear reactor in the late 50 s This project was called Ford Nucleon Some 3 8 scale models were shown

Earlier today, I came across a wonderful article posted earlier today, by divengrabber, and entitled JFESC Cars Guide » Blog Archive » Hot Rods: Modified through Time that I would strongly suggest everyone reads! I’ve included a few excerpts in order to whet your appetites!

Cars that are made from the 30, 40’s, 50’s and some predecessor of the muscle cars are considered to sell more than a hundred thousand dollars. Imagine if you can combine speed with the glory of antique cars like the T model of Ford which was build in the 20’s. If you can actually do this, cars will have value of thousand to millions of dollars depending on the modifications. Luckily it is possible, and it is done all over the world. This type of car is belongs to hot rods. Hot rods, is a more common term hot roadsters. The term hot rods are for vintage cars fitted with monstrous engines like the V8.


These cars are commonly from the pre-World War II era more dominantly in the 1930’s. The T model of the Ford Motors Company is the most famous vehicle that can be fitted with big engines. The most famous of which is the T-bucket which the early version of a hemi engine. The most common of characteristic of these wonderful cars are its big engines that for some, the hood of the old car is scrap off. Another popular thing is the retrofitted accessories. The new paint job is even more alluring.

Reading this got me thinking so I googled for some other posts on the subject and discovered some more gems. For example, this post by admin, posted earlier today, over on Chicago Fabulous Blog:

The award-winning Ford Driving Skills for Life program teaches new drivers through a variety of hands-on and interactive methods. Innovation in education is encouraged through national programs that enhance high school learning and provide college scholarships and university grants. Through the Ford Volunteer Corps, more than 20,000 Ford employees and retirees each year work on projects that better their communities in dozens of countries. For more information, visit www.

Another fantastic article came from fordeuropenet over on posted earlier today and entitled Alan Mulally ? President and CEO, Ford Motor Company which is also definitely worth a read!

He also is a member of the company’s Board of Directors. Prior to joining Ford in September 2006, Mulally served as executive vice president of The Boeing Company, and president and chief executive officer of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. In that role, he was responsible for all of the company’s commercial airplane programs and related services. Mulally also was a member of the Boeing Executive Council and served as Boeing’s senior executive in the Pacific Northwest. Mulally was named Boeing’s president of Commercial Airplanes in September 1998. The responsibility of chief executive officer for the business unit was added in March 2001. Previously, Mulally served as president of Boeing Information, Space & Defence Systems and senior vice president of The Boeing Company. Appointed to that role in February 1997, he was responsible for Boeing’s defence, space and government business.

MI Used Cars Customers: Shop New Pre-owned Classified Section on …

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Mazda Rotary Engine A little bit of vector tracing I did of an unusual bit of technology This might develop further into something else

Earlier today, I came across a lovely article posted earlier today, by MI Auto Times assistant editor, and entitled MI Used Cars Customers: Shop New Pre-owned Classified Section on … that I strongly suggest everyone reads! I’ve included some extracts in order to pique your interest!

– MI used cars shoppers will enjoy the ease they are able to search through the extensive classified section now available on MI Auto Times. With different places to search, the MI used cars search on MI Auto Times may be one of the largest available for local dealership postings. [Rewind: MI Used Cars Classifieds Section Arrives at MI Auto Times; Expansive Inventory, Easily Searched] Customers can easily search for MI used cars by make, model, minimum price, maximum price and zip code. Once a shopper chooses from the MI used cars available, it is also simple to contact the dealership directly to make an appointment for a test drive. For more information about MI used cars or to begin shopping today, visit our MI used cars section. Visit to add a review and be automatically entered in the iPad/iPhone contest.

Reading this started me off thinking so I did a google search for some other posts on the subject and found some more gems. For example, The Uses Of Car Classifieds by senang, posted last week, on SenangIT:

By:Christopher Glazel Automotive>Carsl Feb 26, 2011 Experience the New Touch of BlackBerry Bold 9700 Looking for the quality mobile phone integrated with the professional priorities? Then go for the BlackBerry Bold 9700. It is the ideal phone for the professionals because the phone is allied with the complete professional features which make the work easier and more convenient. The best part of this device is that it supports up to 10 email accounts into one easy to access place, along with your calendar, contacts and other important data, so you can conduct dealing almost anywhere. By:meena shahl Technology>Cell Phonesl Feb 22, 2011 Bajaj Bikes in India Bajaj Auto ltd is India’s leading two wheeler manufacturers. It aptitude lies in making bikes like sports bikes, racing bikes etc. Bajaj bikes in India are the very old and reliable company who are serving the Indian consumers from past many years.


It gives the glance of elegant plus sporty and fitted with the advanced interior and exterior features available in lower price cost as comparison to other SUV in the market. The car is powered with the 2.2L, 16V diesel engine that makes Tata safari a racer in the Indian roads. The car is designed so well as it easily adjusted in particular situation and proved to be the more convenient car on the bumpy roads of India. By:meena shahl Automotive>Carsl Feb 18, 2011 Taste the Samsung Galaxy Mobiles Samsung has breakdown all the rules of technologies and has introduced the mind blowing mobile series with outstanding features and looks in the Indian mobile handset market.

Finally, another fine post on the subject came from GM on The Georgetown Metropolitan posted earlier today, entitled The ANC's Anti-Ten Year Plan Resolution: The Transportation … which is also certainly worth a look.

Yes, it’s a distant possibility, at best. But it would be good policy for both the ANC and the school to go on record supporting the notion of a Georgetown Metro stop and identifying it as a potential cure to many of these transportation issues. Tonight the ANC will meet and likely adopt this resolution. While representatives of the school and the community groups will be permitted to speak, the public won’t (on the theory that they had their say at the hearing in January). There are still some other elements of the resolution that GM hasn’t yet covered in detail, but he’ll either hit those in the round up for tomorrow, or discuss them this week in separate posts. So stay tuned.

No Insurance Cover For Misfuelled Cars Of Young Drivers | Car …

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7 Appendix 1 Companies included in the research

Recently I found a fantastic article posted earlier today, by wiz, and entitled No Insurance Cover For Misfuelled Cars Of Young Drivers | Car … that I suggest everyone reads! I’ve included some extracts to pique your interest!

The young drivers do not get any insurance cover if the car met with an accident or breakdown after refuelling the vehicle. Sometimes, the young car owners use wrong fuel in hurry that causes damage or breakdown of the car. Most of the insurance companies do not offer any breakdown cover for the misfuelled cars. Misfuelling is quite common as people more often use wrong fuel but in such instance, they will have to pay extra for the breakdown service. The insurance company will come and rescue the insurance owner from the situation but the company will charge its customers for offering breakdown service after misfuelling.


Young motorists are urged to remain careful while refueling their car at ny pump as if any misfuelling is done then they will not get the insurance cover due to breakdown. If you put the wrong fuel in your car then you will not only have to bear the repair bills but also added charges of tow away service that will take your car to the service centre. The insurance company will not lend his hand for any kind of help to the car owner so the customer has to pay for transporting the damaged car to the garage and then the repair charges too. Even if you see car insurance comparison site then most of the insurance companies do not offer young drivers any breakdown cover after misfuelling. According to an analysis, around 23% of the motor breakdown policies do not cover their customers if the breakdown is done due to misfuleling.


It is advisable to read the insurance document carefully. The small prints in the advertisement and document are needed to be read with care. If you find that your insurance policy is not providing sufficient cover, you can withdraw the policy. However, most of the insurance companies charge £85 while you withdraw the policy so take your decision wisely.

Reading wiz’s article started me off thinking so I did a google search for some more posts on the subject and found some more niceposts. For example, this post by info, posted earlier today, on a blog called Creative Article:

Each and every motorist should own a car insurance. A car insurance protects a car owner monetarily, if his or her car faces a road accident. After a car accident, the car owner has to pay for its repairing costs. To keep the affordable car insurance in existence, the policy owner has to pay a premium frequently to the insurance company.


The insurance policy holder has the options to select the mode of payment. The policy holder could pay the premium monthly, half-yearly or yearly. You can obtain auto insurance quotes from several insurance companies. Car policies of numerous insurers have different price tag. Different insurance companies cost differently for a same car insurance policy.


So, if you wish to purchase a car insurance policy for your car then you should do automobile insurance comparison. Without doing car insurance comparison, you may not able to buy the cheapest car policy available for sale. If you want to get a good deal while purchasing car insurance policy, then you must compare car insurance policies offered by different insurers. However, one has to get various auto insurance prices to compare different auto insurance policies.

Finally, another fantastic article came from blog on posted earlier today and entitled Instant Car Insurance Quote Comparison ? You Can Pick Up One … which is also definitely worth a read!

Discovering excellent rates and reliable car insurance companies to maintain can nowadays be performed with fast access on the web, and most car insurance companies can even will let you print your insurance card on your very own computer.     One of the methods you’ll be able to gain cheap instant car insurance which will provide you with an inexpensive top rate is to be sure that your auto doesn’t fall into the “expensive to insure” group. Car insurance companies practice a system to decide simply how so much you might be paying on your car insurance premiums. Car insurance companies have a tendency to staff cars in keeping with sure specs and also their take a look at crash results.

New Year, New Cars: Sports Car For The Year 2006

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Earlier I discovered a good post posted last week, by CarDetailerGuy, and entitled New Year, New Cars: Sports Car For The Year 2006 that I would strongly encourage you all to read. I’ve included some excerpts in the hope of piquing your interest!

The designers altered the automobile a bit, but maintained the qualities that Miata is known for: Miata being skinny, squat and short. The vehicle boasts of precise control in corners. The agility of the automobile is outstanding! And paired with the compact form of the automobile, the possibilities are endless! Mazda Miata 2006 comes with a 2.0- liter engine, with four valves every cylinder.


  -Ferrari 599 GTB The car’s engine boasts of power derived from its V12 engine with 6 liter capacity. To top this feature is the full aluminum chassis and body construction of the car. Ferrari 599 GTB’s performance may be compared to the Enzo supercar. At 7600 rpm, both cars can produce 620 bph (minimum).  Other features consist of ABS breaking system and a rear wheel type of driveline.    The vehicle is expected to be obtainable to the public by the last week of February 2006.      -Audi S6 The car combines elegance, performance, and power.  The vehicle promises maximum performance from its V-configuration engine.


  -Mazda Miata 2006 The car brand still speaks of itself as an affordable sports automobile. Nevertheless, the price did not compromise the features of the said vehicle. The designers altered the vehicle a bit, but maintained the qualities that Miata is recognized for: Miata being skinny, squat and short (car stereo). The car boasts of precise control in corners.

Now then, reading this got me thinking so I did a google search for more posts on the subject and found some more gems. i.e. M-Speed 1999-2005 Mazda Miata Head Lights Covers « Zoomspotter … by zoomspotter, posted earlier today, on Zoomspotter – showcase of products from around the web:

Home > Products > M-Speed 1999-2005 Mazda Miata Head Lights Covers Versus Motorsport – VBMaM98-MS736EB M-Speed 1999-2005 Mazda Miata Head Lights Covers (FRP) Pair 1 Left 1 Right BRAND: VERSUS FRP BODY KIT LIQUIDATION CLEARANCE FOR DISCONTINUED ITEM OFFER ONLY VALID WHILE SUPPLY LAST!!! LOW QUANTITY EMAIL TO STORE@VERSUSMOTORSPORT.COM FOR COMBINED SHIPPING!!! Buyer agreed with our Terms & Conditions when purchase this item! Buyer understands this item is intended for custom fiberglass works and it’s on liquidation/ clearance/ discontinued item. This item is come in color gel coat finished which will need to be prepped and installed by a professional body shop that has experience working with finished fiberglass car parts. Cutting, filling, sanding, and shaving maybe require as you are changing the look of your vehicle. We can not check every single item as all item comes in different finish as it is all hand-laid made item. Extra fees can be incurred for proper fitment by body shop in order to make quality show vehicle.


All parts are for off-road and show use only. Removal of the bumper reinforcement bars maybe necessary to mount/hang front and rear bumpers, this is done at the buyer/owners own risk, we do not accept liability for injuries resulting from customization of buyer/owners car; this is done at their own risk. You, as the buyer, are responsible for complying with any/all local, state, and federal laws. Hardware & Accessories not included, only the actual listing item unless said otherwise. Please Note. We will not accept any returns of any product that has been painted, altered or modify in any way. No Exceptions! All items come unpainted & pictures for style reference/ illustration only Professional Install required! $10.00 Will Call Fee M-Speed 1999-2005 Mazda Miata Head Lights Covers is available at www.

Finally, another fine post came from admin over on Auto Garages posted three weeks ago and entitled Mazda MX-5 Miata Sport Automatic ? 2006 which is also definitely worth a look!

It’s easy to get a strong launch from a standstill by using a little brake torque. As a result, the automatic’s acceleration times are relatively close to those of the six-speed manual MX-5 we tested in the October 2005 issue. That car took 6.5 seconds to reach 60 mph and turned the quarter-mile in 15.0 seconds at 91 mph. The automatic takes 7.0 and 15.


7 in Height: 49.0 inCurb weight: 2512 lb C/D TEST RESULTS: Zero to 60 mph: 7.0 sec Zero to 100 mph: 21.1 sec Street start, 5-60 mph: 7.


3 sec Standing 1/4-mile: 15.6 sec @ 89 mph Top speed (drag limited): 120 mph Braking, 70-0 mph: 159 ft Roadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad: 0.91 g FUEL ECONOMY: EPA fuel economy, city driving: 23 mpgC/D-observed fuel economy: 22 mpg. Source: www.caranddriver.