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Electric Wheelchair Lifts for Vans Sale

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Fully Powered Inside Lift AL420 The AL420 scooter and

I just found an awesome post posted earlier today, by unknown, over on Electric Wheelchair Sale entitled Electric Wheelchair Lifts for Vans Sale that I suggest all of you read. I’ve included a couple of extracts in the hope of whetting your appetites!

Electric wheelchair users who like to go on road trips should also know what are the necessary equipments to ensure that they have a good experience while in a vehicle. First of all, if you are going to transport electric wheelchairs and its users including the elderly or handicapped, the most appropriate vehicle will be the van or minibus because it is spacious and able to accommodate up to 6 wheelchair users comfortably depending on how you arrange the wheelchairs. If you are carrying the electric wheelchairs along with its users, then the most a van can take is 4 at the back of the vehicle. If there are seats for the wheelchair users, the electric wheelchairs can be folded and arranged neatly into compartments in the last section of the van. Most of the vans owned by hospitals or homes for the aged will have a electric wheelchair lift installed. This is because they need to transfer elderly patients between locations daily.


The electric wheelchair lift for vans are very safe to operate and there have been no major accidents due to the failure of the systems. Most minor accidents that occurred were due to the mishandling of the device by operators. The electric wheelchair lifting device is made of very firm and strong steel in its frame. With its powerful motor, it is able to hoist an electric wheelchair with its users from the ground up. Safety mechanisms such as locks ensure that there is no unnecessary vibrations while the wheelchair is being lifted. The lift also elevates the electric wheelchair in a slow and steady manner, so the user will not feel any significant vibrations. The underlying objective for the safety of vehicle electric wheelchair lifts is to have a properly trained personnel to operate the lift.


When you purchase a van electric wheelchair lift, a basic user training should be conducted by the seller. Operating the Electric Wheelchair lift for van and trucks is a few step process which can be picked up by the operator fairly fast. All they need to do is to familiarise themselves lifting a wheelchair with a dummy user before actual lifting. If you are not sure on how to operate the electrical wheelchair lift, you can search online for operating manuals. Visit the site of your wheelchair lift manufacturer, browse to the site of your product and download the operator manual or guide. Our Electric Wheelchair Shop sells Cheap Electric Wheelchair Lift for Vans, Minivans, Trucks and Cars. Brands we have include BraunAbility, Braun VAngater Series of Wheelchair Lifts, Vantage Mobility (VMI) and The Mobility Resource among others. You can find great deals with new and used electric wheelchair lifts for Vans in our online store.

Now then, reading unknown’s article started me off thinking so I did a quick search for some other posts on the subject and uncovered some more greats! e.g. Wheelchair Lifts by butlermobility, posted earlier today, on Free Classified Ads Marketplace Philippines:

Features 1)Butler Mobility Inclined Wheelchair Lifts and Vertical Wheelchair Lifts come standard with battery backup and a quiet,powerful new power unit. 2)The Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lifts have a lifting capacity of either 500 pounds or 750 pounds. For more information Visit:- http://www.butlermobility.

Yet another fine article on the subject came from z over on Entertainment Star posted last week, entitled Uses for Wheelchair Lifts Health Disabilities which is also definitely worth a read.

Decisions that should be made when considering a wheelchair lift is what kind will best serve the required needs and be the most cost efficient to purchase and maintain. Wheelchair lifts can be platforms, ramps, or booms. Modifying existing buildings for handicapped access can be difficult and costly, but must be done. The booms are used to move wheelchairs only and store in a vehicle during travel. Ramps generally take up the most space even though they seem to be the easiest solution. In existing buildings there is often not enough room for a ramp. Vertical lifts take up less floor space, can be configured to meet building codes, and come in cost effective options. Vertical Lifts Vertical lifts are platforms that are powered with electricity.


Vertical lifts can have more than one stop and turn up to 90 degrees. The most economical lifts have one stop and only go up and down. NO MORE ROAMING FEES FOR INTERNATIONAL CALLS! Check out the best international Sim Cards and save up to 80% on your phone calls! instantempoVertical wheelchair lifts can be used inside or outside, depending on the particular need. Motors are concealed to prevent water damage, making vertical lifts designed for outdoors water resistant.

Google Road-testing Computer-controlled Cars

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Today I found a wonderful post by Pacing Peyton, posted earlier today, over on South Motors Volkswagen entitled Google Road-testing Computer-controlled Cars that I would strongly urge anyone to read! Below are a couple of little extracts in the hope of piquing your interest!

Google has announced it has been testing driverless vehicles on actual California streets. The seven vehicles in the research are equipped with oodles of technology, and use a combination of radar, lasers and video to detect and avoid other vehicles and obstacles. The vehicles, or should we say “robo cars”, are fully computerized to know and learn traffic patterns, speed limits and can navigate by internal road maps. So far, they are proving to be safer than human drivers, as they have astonishingly faster response times and can react to danger far more quickly than a human operator.


Some of the real-world roads they have successfully navigated include Lombardi Street in San Francisco, Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles and the cliff-laden Pacific Coast Highway. The cars are always manned with human back-up, but so far have had no need for human intervention during their travels. Google has not publicized how they hope to profit from this technology, or their future plans for it, but the initial testing looks promising. Computer-driven cars will surely cut back on the number of roadway deaths and injuries, make travel more efficient and less costly and also free up people’s time and reduce their stress levels.

Now, reading this got me thinking so I searched for some other articles on the subject and discovered some more gems! e.g. Saturday Evening Traffic Collision :: Long Beach, CA : Everything … by Editor, posted yesterday, on Everything Long Beach:

2010-11-29 ·  By  Editor Photo by Chuck WalkerOn Saturday, November 27, 2010, at approximately 7:50 p.m., officers from the Long Beach Police Department responded to an injury traffic collision at the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Anaheim Street that resulted in the death of a male pedestrian.The preliminary investigation revealed that an adult male entered the roadway in a crosswalk but against the red light at the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Anaheim Street, when he was struck by a 2010 Hyundai Genesis traveling southbound on Pacific Coast Highway. The driver of the vehicle, a 22-year-old female resident of Signal Hill, remained at the scene and was interviewed and released.Long Beach Fire Department paramedics responded to the scene and determined the pedestrian to be deceased. Pending notification to his family, he is only being identified as a 48-year-old male transient.

Yet another fine post on the subject came from Donna on easyCar blog posted yesterday, entitled Road Trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco which is also definitely worth reading.

You could actually cover the 400 miles between the two Californian cities in around six hours, but what would you see and where would the fun be in that? Book a flight to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) which has nine passenger terminals; 1 to 8 and the Tom Bradley International Terminal. At terminals 1, 2, 4, 5 the car rental desks are close to the baggage reclaim. If arriving at the other terminals first collect your baggage then take the car rental shuttle bus service. You are on Route 1 at Los Angeles Airport, but if staying in the city or visiting Disneyland, you may choose to join Route 1 in Santa Monica, a bustling beach city.  From here follow the Pacific Coast Highway along the coast driving through Corral Canyon Park towards Oxnard, onto Ventura. Next stop Santa Barbara, a cultural and buzzing seaside town with Spanish influences. If you’d consider accommodation “a little different” from the norm, then how about the landmark Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, with its many magnificently themed rooms including the English manor styled “Country Gentleman”, the “Caveman” den, angelic “Cloud Nine” and jungle “Safari Room”.


Just over two hours by car north of San Simeon is Carmel-By-The-Sea and then Monterey, California. Built along a lovely sandy expanse is Carmel-By-The-Sea, with its exclusive boutique shops, beautiful historic Carmel Mission, parks and galleries.  Clint Eastwood is a former Mayor of Carmel and owner of the Hog’s Breath Inn.  Monterey is a great location for an adventure break with plenty of water sports to choose from. A quick drive on Route 101 would take three hours from Monterey to San Francisco, or continue up Route 1 and maybe make a further stop. Spend a few days or a few weeks on holiday in San Francisco, the take a flight from San Francisco to UK, leaving your hire car at SFO Airport. (No Ratings Yet)  Loading …

Hybrid cars get a cartone

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They re Damn Quiet Imagine walking in a downtown of a major city and not hearing car engines Did you know that a boy got hit by an electric vehicle because it was so quiet The

Earlier I found a good post posted earlier today, by energyarticles, over on Energy Articles entitled Hybrid cars get a cartone that I would suggest everyone reads. Below are a couple of little extracts in the hope of piquing your interest!

Atcteidanah near future hybrid electric cars a sensorial go game system intentionally to lose weight Hitting – feet, including to protect the sector suffers from poor visual perception and / or abnormal hearing institute unusually high level of risk. It was decided this week by an alliance of world(a) vehicle manufacturers in cooperation with the lawyers representing the deaf and blind organization in the U.S.. In the coming weeks will be submitted fused bill to Congress.  Bodies unite to deal with soft tool – Electric Car Vhibridim after studies showed that the electric car of the future do not emit noise drive system, which could endanger pedestrians – who are members at risk feet above. One of the lawyers representing argued that even dwell who see and hear fine not notice how close they were to get hurt. ”As someone who walked past a home Buourgy Street Genet wherever no sidewalks, at times I jumped up with fear because a hybrid car, I did not hear it coming at all.” So says the Vice President in the Soviet car manufacturers, Gloria Barkwist.

Now, reading this got me thinking so I did a quick search for some more posts on the subject and found some more greats. e.g. this post by staff01, posted earlier today, on Car News · Cars for Sale · Used Cars · Car Price · Malaysia Car Classified –

  State-owned Proton is diversifying its business to boost its fading fortunes. It returned to the black in the financial year ended March, but its domestic market share has dwindled to under 30 percent from more than two-thirds just over five years ago due to greater competition.   Proton’s hybrid car is being developed with its British technology partner Fraser-Nash Research Ltd., its British unit Lotus, and South Korea’s LG, officials said.   Ilham Shamsul Ibrahim, head of Proton’s electric vehicle project, showed a prototype of the hybrid at a seminar on green technology outside Kuala Lumpur.


  It has a 400cc gasoline engine that powers a generator and recharges the electric battery when it is depleted. But unlike current hybrid cars such as Toyota’s Prius that switch between gasoline engines and electric motors, Proton’s model cannot run on its gasoline engine due to its small capacity, he told entrepreneurs at the seminar.   The car can travel as far as 621 miles (1,000 kilometers) on one full petrol tank and a fully charged battery, depending on road conditions and speed, Ilham said. It will have a top speed of 87 miles (140 kilometers) an hour and can be recharged from a regular home socket, he said.   The government plans to build 10 charging stations, mostly around its administrative capital Putrajaya, as part of the pilot test for the car.   Ilham acknowledged that the green car industry in Malaysia faced considerable challenges, including lack of infrastructure and issues with batteries – long charging times, high cost and short life span.   On the other hand, the hybrid car – if it takes off – will see Malaysia cut its dependence on fossil fuel, help relieve the government’s burden of hefty fuel subsidies and reduce polluting emissions, he said.   He said Proton is in talks with several suppliers in the U.S.


He couldn’t elaborate on the estimated price and production details.   Proton’s senior managers couldn’t be immediately reached for comment. Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who is Proton’s adviser, recently said the hybrid vehicle would likely be sold for under RM100,000.   The Toyota Prius and Honda Civic are the main hybrid cars available in Malaysia, Southeast Asia’s largest passenger car market with some half a million vehicles sold each year. Hybrid cars account for less than 1 percent of the market.   The government recently said it would abolish import and excise duties for a year on hybrid and electric cars manufactured or assembled locally as part of efforts to promote Malaysia as a regional car hub.   Toyota and Honda announced a price cut of up to 25 percent for the Prius and Civic following the tax exemption.

Finally, another fine post came from dancurranjr on posted earlier today, entitled Study Says Interest in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Rising … which is also definitely worth reading.

 Loading … Posted on November 29, 2010Filed Under Electric Vehicles, General News, Industry News | Leave a Comment A new survey by Consumer Reports, the American monthly published by Consumers Union, has found that despite recent reports of a decline in sales of hybrid and electric vehicles, interest in them is actually on the rise. According to the magazine, 39 percent of 1,713 new car buyers polled by Consumer Reports’ National Research Centre said they are considering purchasing either a hybrid or an electric vehicle, with the majority of those shoppers — 60 percent — considering a standard hybrid. By comparison, only 14 percent of new car buyers said they are currently considering diesel-powered cars. Of those, the vast majority — 57 percent — said they would use bio-diesel fuel. The survey also found that 16 percent are interested in a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle while 14 percent are interested in an electric car. Still, 94 percent find green cars in general lacking in some way, citing a high purchase price, inadequate energy infrastructure, and limited driving range as chief concerns.


Among the survey respondents, men strongly favour plug-in hybrids and electric cars while women see greater appeal in regular hybrids. Overall, 63 percent expect to get a significant increase in fuel economy, regardless of the type of vehicle they buy. Only 67 percent said they are considering a traditional gasoline engine in their next new-car purchase, which may reflect a growing optimism regarding the availability of competitive green cars. In addition to hybrids and electric cars, a significant number of consumers also said they would consider other alternative fuels: • 35 percent said they would consider a flexible-fuel vehicle, one that can run on either gasoline or E85, which is a mixture of 85 percent renewable ethanol and 15 percent gasoline.


• 19 percent said they would consider natural gas or propane—a fuel resource that is abundant in North America. Currently, there are very few vehicles equipped to run on natural gas and the infrastructure is limited. • 16 percent would consider a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. This, despite that fact that only a tiny number of fuel-cell cars are being leased to customers in selected regions, and no automakers have announced imminent plans to mass produce such cars.

How To Choose Wedding Cars Sussex

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Thanks to the Internet and my iPhone which incidentally has a Yellow Pages application that s super handy I never have cause to turn to the phone book In fact when a bag full of them

Earlier I came across a stimulating article by Gavin Burnham, posted earlier today, and entitled How To Choose Wedding Cars Sussex that I strongly urge you all to read! Here are a couple of extracts in the hope of piquing your interest!

They can afford to keep them together in a large garage to be viewed at anytime, be out of the weather elements and keep them in good condition and well maintained. They will operate their business all year round and be available during working hours and throughout the week. They will regularly use the cars on longer Sussex wedding transfers and operate them throughout the year, this is well known to improve the reliability of older cars. The larger business will have conducted more Sussex weddings, be more likely to know the Sussex church or Sussex venue and know the route and that the car is reliable for the distance. In conclusion, you should find a well established wedding cars Sussex company when you need a wedding car. You should also find a company that will likely still operate when your wedding day arrives. Remember that there are many hobbyists who rent out their cars but do not operate professionally as a business.

Now, reading this post got me thinking so I did a google search for some more articles on the subject and uncovered some more gems! i.e. this post posted earlier today, by JonathanDustinestein, over on Free Article Directory l Submit Articles:

With the Internet getting every property, virtually 1 / 2 the net consumers utilize goal everyday. They opt to acquire material on-line, in the relaxation of their total houses. Homework ought to be done on the web to have opinions about the solution. Men and women, who don’t normally order online, also are likewise opting to go on the net because data is provided along at the click on of the computer mouse button. It is less complicated for folks in order to have confidence in when customers whom employed the product or service present its comments in regards to the product right after deploying it.


A rather modern concept may be the telephone book going on the internet. The advantage of these folks is because they are kept up to date typically compared with the actual imprinted websites and may possibly be deemed out of any kind around the globe. Based on studies carried out, the actual result improved by 25 per-cent each and every year. Thus people who find themselves engaged to purchase phone book print ads marketing can certainly think of going on line. Directories are submitted to search engines like google, which in turn upon writing any search phrase or maybe key phrase get the outcomes. Small , community corporations, very, may property within the websites brought by the actual result. The buying price of creating a webpage may be stored when every one of the related information about the organization will be in the on the internet phone book. Check for the actual time to renew your directory itemizing, in case we have a must alter the advert, it isn’t a large trouble with on the web telephone book.


Ways must be delivered to strengthen the partnership with him or her also to keep the trust simply by preserving the conventional in the goods offered directly to them. Whenever they are generally absolutely gratified, a price-rise won’t trouble these individuals and they will discuss the organization to the people they do know, that’ll fetch new customers. The aim should be to perform smartly and select the suitable method of advertising and marketing. In case a business isn’t applying almost every other solution to marketing and advertising apart from applying classifieds, it may difficulties along with the solutions won’t sell off. Investigate what quantity of money is actually invested in inserting ads with lookup directories as well as approximate if thez amount of consumers this company gets is usually desired. Whenever a contact will be got coming from a potential consumer, exactly how where did they reached know of the undertaking. It will help to investigate which promoting method is perfect for the business enterprise.

Another fantastic post came from JonathanDustinestein on posted earlier today, entitled Advertising in Yellow Pages which is also definitely worth reading.

So those people who are curious to invest in telephone book advertising can easily bring to mind browsing on the internet. Directories will be submitted to google, that for keying in a key phrase or perhaps term take final results. Small and nearby organizations, way too, might acreage around the web pages brought by the end result. The price tag on building a site could be saved if all the relevant more knowledge about the firm is within the internet the yellow pages. Consider the date to resume the directory listing, if you will find there’s have to customize advertising, it’s not a big issue about online yellow pages.


Search out regarding such websites over the internet. Greater companies may start their particular internet sites make backlinks while in the on the internet phone book. Content is usually presented concerning the business enterprise which enable it to possibly be submitted to Ezines along with web pages related to the vicinity regarding enterprise. Several sites furthermore permit posting content articles without cost. The objective of the phone book is simply to have potential prospects although which doesn’t result in active buyers ought to be abandoned.


Measures needs to be arrive at fortify the connection using them and also to sustain their particular have faith in by keeping the standard with the products provided in their eyes. When they are usually totally fulfilled, your price-rise won’t bother these and they’re going to talk about the firm to individuals they are fully aware, that can bring clients. The objective is always to function well and select the proper procedure for marketing. If a business enterprise isn’t employing another opportinity for promotion other than employing telephone book, it can problems as well as the items might not exactly advertise. Review what kind of money is allocated to putting promotions throughout web directories and calculate whether or not the degree of customers the organization obtains can be appealing. If a phone is actually been given from your potential consumer, inquire further the way they got to know of the company. This will aid to assess which will advertising and marketing strategy is well suited for the business.

On Parking Cars

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Click to enlarge

I recently came across a lovely article by doi, posted earlier today, and entitled On Parking Cars that I urge you all to read. Here’s a few little excerpts in the hope of piquing your interest!

To save on taxi fares, I had to use the car. After going on a 3-day crash course with my pop, I managed to go to work bringing the FX. Although I never had problems with road accidents back then, my dilemma was purely parking the car. There were instances where I bumped trees causing dents to the car.


I couldn’t understand why it took him a long time to park the car when he had all the space he could use. I was teasing him how he was getting old and how he might need a pair of eyeglasses. see the wide parking space on driver’s side and how close the FX was to the wall? I wanted to offer to drive us home after that dinner but I didn’t since my pop might notice how reckless I drive Took this picture to show to my mom how he parked the FX and to continuously tease him how he’s really getting old. hehehe. Our second hand Toyota Tamarraw FX has been with us since 2001.

Now then, reading doi’s article started me off thinking so I searched for some other posts on the subject and discovered some more goodposts. i.e. BlueAction Rearview Mirror Car Kit posted earlier today, by Aditi, over on LookiPhone:

Manufactured by SKU Details and made by Blueaction, the new BlueAction Rearview Mirror Car Kit is an exclusive wireless solution rearview mirror created for secure driving. This easy to install mirror doesn’t require any installation process and can be simply fixed to the rearview mirror. Moreover, it also ensures a secure communication  while driving via bluetooth in your cell phone because the telephone numbers are displayed on the mirror and you can easily pick the call via the in-built speaker phone or from a seperte bluetooth handset included there in. This makes it safe and secure for you to easily pick any important call while driving. Amongst the various features available in the kit, include the call waiting facility, redial function for last dial number, one touch button to answer the call, and also the capacity to control the volume and audio transfer. Other features include, Digital Signal Processor (DSP), in-built noise suppression microphone, 12-digit LED caller ID displays in mirror, and vehicle portability for multi-vehicle use etc.

Another fantastic post came from tim on One Million Acts of Kindness posted yesterday, entitled Wilmington, NC, in the Rear-View Mirror which is also definitely worth a look!

Wayne Lofton the President and CEO of the Club. Wayne is the key component as to why this special place is so warm and welcoming. He keeps this place running on a razor thin budget. He said he is looking for prayers to keep these programs running for the children in his town. Visit their website at to see the good they do in the community and the good you might be able to do for them. The drive to Conway SC was mainly highway with very few schools to visit on my way.

Microsoft’s Smart Features for Cars

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photo WN Renzelle Mae Abasolo

Earlier I found a brilliant post by brown, posted earlier today, and entitled Microsoft's Smart Features for Cars that I would encourage you all to read! I’ve included some excerpts in order to whet your appetites!

software giant, Microsoft, expanding into the automotive world. They recently announced Windows Embedded Automotive 7 (WEA7). A program designed to support the development of information and entertainment systems. So, with WEA7 it can choose the car manufacturer. Its main features include verbal commands (speech commands), touch input, hands-free Bluetooth from mobile phones, as well as sophisticated dashboard for access to music, maps, navigation, and more. An interesting feature is the verbal command.

Now, reading this started me off thinking so I did a google search for more posts on the subject and uncovered some more gems. i.e. this post posted yesterday, by admin, on a blog called

 It isn’t for the Apple fanboy, but for a look into the mind of a disgruntled Apple Store employee from the UK (or a good parody), check it out.  Sometimes funny, often harsh on Apple Store Managers and Geniuses and the Apple Corporate communications, CrAppleStore gives a look…  Disgruntled Apple Store Employees Have Their Own Blog Leaping right out of the “What the heck?!?!” category comes Welcome to the CrApple Store a blog for disgruntled Apple Store employees. A couple of readers pointed it out to me today The complaints  touted on the blog range from the size of repair parts packaging to things like brain-washing and drinking the Apple Kool-Aid.


  Windows Phone 7 will sync with Macs later this year Engadget reports that Microsoft has just announced that a Mac application will be available that allows for syncing content between your Mac and Windows Phone 7 device. The software will launch in beta (Microsoft- go figure) in “later 2010″. Later in 2010 Microsoft will make a public beta available of a tool that allows Windows Phone…  Why Microsoft’s Mall of America Store Will Fail Software giant Microsoft plans to open a new retail store Nov. 6 in Minnesota’s gigantic Mall of America — directly opposite from the Apple Store. I predict that the Microsoft Store will fail spectacularly. PC giant Dell tried retail locations a few years ago — the company peaked at 140 mall kiosks before the company announced…  ‘The Incident’ to Turn Paired iPad and iPhone Into TV-Focused Gaming System In a blog post yesterday, Big Bucket Software revealed that a forthcoming update to its retro iOS game The Incident will allow the iPad to output the game display to a television while also allowing an iPhone or iPod touch to serve as a game …  Read More →   Related Tweets from Twitter LordFrog (Sebastian Forck)  : Apple smokes the competition ? PC World http://t.


gl/fb/v9NoV #appleinc #industryintel #iosdevices..Updated : 2010-11-30T13:37:38Z   |  Reply  |  View Tweet FrancoisHanna (Francois Hanna)  : RT @9to5mac: Apple smokes the competition ? PC World #appleinc #industryintel #tipsandtricks..Updated : 2010-11-30T13:37:24Z   |  Reply  |  View Tweet Gilmo76 (Gilbert Ellis)  : RT @AllThingsiPhone: #iPhone Apple selects camera lens maker for iPad 2.0: You know you?ve got hot news when even non-news … http://bit.l..

Finally, another fine article on the subject came from admin over on Social Tech News posted earlier today, entitled Microsoft Planning TV Subscription Service on Xbox which is also certainly worth a look.

Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans informed Reuters that the software giant has plans to introduce a TV service through Xbox LIVE for streaming content from ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, ESPN or CNN.  Apple had introduced smaller, lighter and cheaper fourth-generation Apple TV that allows streaming content through AirPlay feature. The Apple TV even allows streaming movies from Netflix and started 99 cent TV Show rentals of select TV Shows produced by News Corp and Disney. On the other hand we have Google TV that promises better interface for TV channels as we as the web.  Now Microsoft already has an established Xbox LIVE service for Xbox 360 game console. Hence, the company wants to be a virtual cable operator by streaming the TV contents directly to the console. Microsoft also wants to get into individual channel packaging for select channels such as HBO and Showtime. Microsoft already has Web TV and MSN TV set-top box software under its umbrella to push forward its virtual cable operator plans.

7 Cars with Affordable Insurance Rates

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than $200 through an initiative by the Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council To get a list of installers go to www carsafe com au and click on Immobilise Now or phone 1300 668 410 Here are a few steps to take in order to compare the best car insurance quotes

I recently came across an awesome post posted earlier today, by Wojciech Kulicki, and entitled 7 Cars with Affordable Insurance Rates that I strongly suggest everyone reads. Here’s a couple of extracts in the hope of piquing your interest!

However, cars that are high on safety features, unpopular targets of thieves, or easy on other vehicles in an accident can also have lower than average premiums. According to’s yearly ranking of average car insurance premiums, the following cars have the most affordable annual insurance rates. 1. Dodge Caliber – $1,196.21 The Dodge Caliber is a four-door hatchback sedan that scores well in frontal crash testing. It is also one of the most affordable compact wagons to buy, which means that it doesn’t cost a whole lot to fix after a collision. 2.

Now then, reading this got me thinking so I googled for some more posts on the subject and uncovered some more greats. i.e. this post by Edwin Brooks, posted earlier today, over on Quality Articles – Streamed to You:

Another good way that you get a lower insurance premium is to make sure that your vehicle has the latest and greatest safety features. If your vehicle is fitted with items such as automatic seat belts, car alarms, and air bags, many of the insurance companies will give you an automatic premium reduction. If you are creative with your math you can also get a little better deal on your premiums. Ask for higher deductibles on your car insurance policy. By increasing your deductibles you can lower your premiums from between 15 to 20 per cent. Just make sure that you can shoulder the difference! If you have an older vehicle that is paid for or some used beater car, decrease the amount of coverage on it.

Another fantastic post on the subject came from Money maker on posted earlier today, entitled Full Coverage Car Insurance Deals | Investing | Full Coverage Car … which is also certainly worth a look!

Driving an uninsured vehicle is not only a crime in millions states, it’s without problems irresponsible. Through the advent of the Internet it has become dreadfully simple in the direction of compare quotes, subsequently you comprise all the opportunities within the world en route for find your ideal policy. Source: http://www.articlesbase.

Hybrid Cars: What’s Great About Them and What’s Not

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Recently I stumbled upon an excellent post by gator93, posted earlier today, over on entitled Hybrid Cars: What's Great About Them and What's Not that I strongly urge everyone to read! Below are some extracts in order to whet your appetites!

Hybrid cars are basically cars that combine electric energy and gasoline energy. This balance of energy sources also makes it is less noisy, it’s cleaner and works more efficiently than cars with just a combustion type engine. These are the reason hybrid cars are in such high demand right now. Another advantage are the tax breaks the government provides. To be sure, there are also a few cons of hybrid car ownership to consider as well. For instance, arguably the best feature of a hybrid car, the second motor that runs on electricity, is considered by many to be one of its largest detractions. If it encounters a performance problem, it’s considerably more expensive to service or replace. There is also a higher risk for electric shock facing any first responder attempting to free you from a crash, which is attributable to the high voltage stored inside the unit.

Now, reading this started me off thinking so I googled for more articles on the subject and found some more greatposts. For example, Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals By John Heywood by E Books Club, posted last week, on a blog called E Books Club:

John B. Heywood received the Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1965. Following an additional postdoctoral year of research at MIT, he worked as a research officer at the Central Electricity Generating Board’s Research Laboratory in England on magnetohydrodynamic power generation. In 1968 he joined the faculty at MIT where he is Professor of Mechanical Engineering. At MIT he is Director of the Sloan Automotive Laboratory.


He is currently Head of the Fluid and Thermal Science Division of the Mechanical Engineering Department, and the Transportation Energy Program Director in the MIT Energy Laboratory. He is faculty advisor to the MIT Sports Car Club. Professor Heywood’s teaching and research interests lie in the areas of thermodynamics, combustion, energy, power, and propulsion. During the past two decades, his research activities have centered on the operating characteristics and fuels requirements of automotive and aircraft engines.


He consults frequently in &he automotive and petroleum industries, and for the U.S. Government. Book Details Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals Authors: John Heywood Edition: 1st Publisher: McGraw-Hill Total Pages: 930 ISBN-10: 007028637X ISBN-13: 978-0070286375 File Format : PDF Recommended Software: Adobe Reader Download Links: Link 1 …File Sonic…http://www.filesonic.

Yet another fine post came from admin over on Power Penny Plays posted yesterday and entitled REGI U.S., Inc. (OTC BB: RGUS) which is also certainly worth a look.

The RadMax™ engine is an internal-combustion engine built around a rotary design.  Reg Technologies, Inc. owns the worldwide rights to the RadMax™ rotary technology and REGI U.S., Inc. owns the U.S. rights. A RadMax™ engine would have two to three times the power and weigh half as much as a Wankel engine of the same size. Simplicity, power, and efficiency are key design priorities in the development of the RadMax™ Engine, a truly revolutionary form of rotary power. On April 18, 2007, REGI U.S., Inc.


military contracts for custom versions of RadMax™ products, as well as research and development funding to tailor RadMax™ products to meet specific requirements defined by the U.S. military services.  RadMax™ products include RadMax™ internal and external combustion diesel engines, RadMax™ pumps, and RadMax™ compressors. Former REGI U.S. licensee – Radian MILPARTS has built a 42 H.P.

Four Surprising Scrap Metal Furniture Designs

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He returned to London in 1933 During a spell on the dole in the Depression years he continued drawing and painting water colours around the Little Venice canal in Maida Vale He met the Rev Oliver Fielding

Recently I stumbled upon a good article posted yesterday, by Beth Buczynski, and entitled Four Surprising Scrap Metal Furniture Designs that I would strongly encourage anyone to read! Here are a few extracts in the hope of whetting your appetites!

Most communities have found easy and convenient ways to recycle the things we discard most: cardboard, aluminum cans, newspaper and glass. But reducing discarded products and containers down to their raw form to create new products is only one of the ways these materials can be recycled. Many artists and designers have become enamored with the idea of upcycling, the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value. Even scrap metal can be recycled into something more valuable. Here are five examples of beautiful furniture designs made from industrial scrap and other metals. 1. Machine parts Lounge chair made from pieces of scrap steel and used track pads from a piece of construction equipment Bob Campbell, a self-taught British sculptor, is the upcycling genius behind Stig furniture.


“Every piece of work I produce takes its own form, each piece of material I use is reclaimed and reused from industrial machinery that has now been discarded; by doing this I create a sculpture that has a use as well as an aesthetic beauty. My work is not only a sculpture, it is a piece of history that addresses the global need to reuse existing materials.” 2. Car hoods Cadillac hood before… Cadillac hood after… The Weld House is a Texas-based company that specializes in the creation of modern steel furniture and architectural elements. A great many of the pieces produced by the Weld House utilize reclaimed products that would have otherwise ended up in the scrap pile or landfill. 3. Metal studs Chair and stool from Kassen’s ‘Rough Construction’ collection When a house or office building is built, the integrity of the structure is based on the ability of the metal studs to hold it all together.


When older structures are demolished, these studs are usually destined for the scrap heap. Thanks to the designers at Kassen, some of these materials are given a second life as roughly constructed furniture pieces. “Like the studs themselves, we designed this chair to emphasize the real utility of its application: to hold you up well,” write its designers on the website. 4. Nails Photo by Deena DeNaro-Bickerstaffe The base of this unique bed design might be wood, but it’s the nails that grab all the attention. Created by Korean artist Jae-Hyo Lee, this piece of furniture breathes a new and more comfortable meaning into the phrase “bed of nails.

Now, reading this got me thinking so I did a quick search for some more posts on the subject and discovered some more greats. i.e. Modern British Sculpture Exhibition at Robert Bowman Modern … by admin, posted four weeks ago, on a blog called Art & Artworks:

Modern British Sculpture Exhibition Robert Bowman Modern 28th January – 7th April 2011 In January 2011, Robert Bowman Modern will be holding a selling exhibition of Modern British Sculpture. The show will coincide with that of their neighbour the Royal Academy who is hosting its first 20th-Century British Sculpture exhibition for 30 years. Robert Bowman Modern is delighted to present works by the key modern British sculptors including Kenneth Armitage, Michael Ayrton, Jacob Epstein, Elizabeth Frink, Barbara Hepworth and Leon Underwood. The exhibition features a number of works by Jacob Epstein (1880-1959), one of the leading pioneers of Modern British Sculpture. In his lifetime he championed many of the concepts central to modernist sculpture, including ‘truth to material’, direct carving, and inspiration from so-called primitive art, all of which became central to twentieth-century practice. Among the highlights of the exhibition is a rare Epstein maquette for ‘Rush of Green’ commissioned by Lord Samuel for Bowater House, Knightsbridge, London.


The deeply broken surface, in which each modelling gesture is distinctly visible, results in a sculptural impasto. The portrait of Albert Einstein was first exhibited at Tooth’s in 1933. Two casts entered public collections within a year, one at the Fitzwilliam Museum and the other at the Tate. Further casts are now at the Hirshhorn Museum, Princeton University, London Science Museum, and Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. Leon Underwood (1890-1975) has been called the father of the modern sculpture in Britain and Robert Bowman Modern is delighted to show ‘The Liar’, a unique bronze, cast by the artist himself in 1953. Like Epstein, Underwood drew his inspiration from Tribal Art. In 1928 he travelled in Mexico studying Mayan and Aztec sculpture and wrote several books on African Art. These influences are evident in this mask-like bronze.


Bright Foundation Award. ‘Diarchy’ was purchased by the Tate in 1971. Two of the foremost modern British female sculptors, Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975) and Elizabeth Frink (1930-1993) are also represented in the exhibition. Hepworth revealed her move towards abstraction at her exhibition at Tooth’s in 1932. This became the abiding direction of her work, epitomised by the pioneering piercing of the block. A further highlight in the exhibition is the only Barbara Hepworth sculpture ever to be executed in glass.

Finally, another fantastic post came from l1221067 on l1221742 posted four weeks ago, entitled British sculptor, who set the statue for the coral which is also certainly worth a look.

,Golf Fairway Woods Harbour human figure Harbour human figure BEIJING,cheapest babolat rackets, Oct. 31 Xinhua, \\ This is a submarine art exhibition of the final preparations. The exhibition covers an area of 420 square meters, is located in the National Marine Park,CCTV Surveillance Camera, a barren sea bed. This called \ Taylor Mill cast out of 403 life-size statue, and the use of special concrete as the material, hoping to stimulate coral growth. he hoped this bed of artificial reefs to attract tourists attention away from natural coral, natural coral allow sufficient time for repair and growth. learned that the National Marine Park in Cancun, Mexico attracted about 75 million visitors each year. .

Great Reasons For Purchasing Used Cars

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I recently discovered a fantastic article by Musa Aykac, posted earlier today, and entitled Great Reasons For Purchasing Used Cars that I would strongly encourage all of you to read! Here are some little excerpts to whet your appetites!

It has been known for cars to lose up to half of their value in the first year alone because this is when the most depreciation occurs. So it enables buyers to get their hands on a luxury car at a price they can afford. This is obviously a fantastic reason for choosing a second hand car. – The main reason why people tend to buy second hand is because it is possible to get your hands on some very cheap deals.


Even people with a small amount of cash to spare will be able to find a car that meets their requirements. – New drivers are often advised to purchase a second hand car first. New drivers are more prone to having minor accidents which can cause scrapes and scratches to their car and this is easier to live with when you have a second hand car. Getting a scratch or dent on a used car isn’t such a big deal, but it can be heartbreaking if you have just bought a new vehicle. It is worth driving used cars for at least a year or two after you first venture onto the road. – Buying used cars and restoring them to their former glory is something that a lot of people enjoy doing. This can be a wonderful hobby and some people even manage to turn it into a profession. However you obviously need to have some kind of know how when it comes to cars to be able to do something like this full time.

Now, reading this started me thinking so I googled for some other posts on the subject and discovered some more greats! i.e. The Reason So Many Shoppers Rush To Used Car Auctions – Fort Blog … by www, posted earlier today, on a blog called Fort Blog – For What You Need To Know:

One time, I found a really lovable biodiesel converted Gremlin at a used car auction. Granted it went for an especially high price, but it was definitely entertaining to observe. You may want just a little something to go from point A to B, but that isn’t the only reason people go to a used car auction. You’ll find just as many makes and models of people as you’ll autos at a used car auction, from dealers, to luxury financiers, to just your average man Schmo. Making ends meet A few people make a business out of flipping the cars they get at a used car auction, sometimes fetching twice or three times what they paid. Depending on the laws in your state, you can sell up to five automobiles per year without a dealer’s license.


Almost all of the time, they don’t ever touch anything on the vehicle. Literally, all they do is get an auto at a used car auction, and then list it on sites like Craig’s List or eBay after doing a little inquiry on the value of the vehicle through It’s a very simple way to make a couple additional bucks when you are in an awkward situation. some people but pick up auction cars for sale for the explicit point of “suping” it up and modifying the car for racing – or simply to appear very cool. Occasionally they sell the car, infrequently they don’t. It actually depends on personal taste, but either way, it’s definitely much less expensive to get autos from a second hand car auction for this reason than any place else. A word of caution Nonetheless, getting a vehicle through car auctions on line is a totally blind purchase. Almost all of the automobiles aren’t warranted at all, and are sold on a “as seen, as is” basis.


Nonetheless from time to time you’ll find autos with a limited guaranty, occasionally from the manufacturer, often from the auction house itself. Though, you can definitely expect these vehicles to go for top dollar. When you are going for a vehicle at a used car auction, be sure to leave some money aside for repairs and maintenance. Don’t tap out all of your resources in order to get an automobile, especially if it will be your only style of transportation. While a used auto auction is a brilliant resource for autos at reasonable prices, you definitely get what you pay for. Although, if you do finish up with a lemon, you can list the vehicle on a type of classifieds and try to sell it to get back at least some of your losses.

Finally, another fantastic article on the subject came from admin on Auto, Car and Motorcycle posted earlier today and entitled Public Auto Auctions ? Tips on Finding Reliable Car Auctions Held … which is also certainly worth a look!

There are some auctions that have many setbacks, especially with the cars that are put up for sale. It is possible for you to bid on used vehicles within your city or municipality. However, not all of the buyers and the participants are satisfied with the outcome of some of these events. This is due to the fact that every auction sells two general types of second-hand cars. The first are used cars that are still in great condition. The second are used cars that fall below normal standards of performance. To make sure that you get the car that you want, you have to determine the quality of the vehicle before you bid on it. Auto Auction Tips and Guidelines There are certain tips and guidelines that will help you determine whether the used cars are actually in great condition or not.


You can check out public posts and bulletins for announcements of auctions. There are instances when the government puts up seized car auctions. Municipalities, communities, and the government hold auctions for the benefit of individuals that are searching for affordable quality second-hand vehicles. Government agencies do not have enough space to hold seized cars, which is why they put these up for sale. 2.


While you can find a government car auction, you can also bid on cars that are put up for sale by non-government groups or organizations. These groups announce this kind of event over at public bulletins or community media. 3. Local government offices have information regarding scheduled auctions. These auctions are either sponsored by private groups or public organizations. If are tired of waiting for bulletin or post announcements, you can ask directly from government offices. 4. After you have found an auction near your area, there is one important thing that you have to remember. You have to determine whether the prices of the cars are reasonable and practical.