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Pontiac, maker of muscle cars, ends after 84 years

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I recently discovered an awesome article by admin, posted earlier today, over on English entitled Pontiac, maker of muscle cars, ends after 84 years that I suggest all of you read. Here’s a couple of extracts to whet your appetites!

Posted on31 October 2010. The Pontiac name plate is is going out of business. The General Motors brand was known for muscle cars drag-raced down boulevards, parked at drive-ins and roared across movie screens. The 84-year-old brand has been moribund since GM decided to kill it last year as it collapsed into bankruptcy and was in decline for years before that. It was undone by a combination of poor corporate strategy and changing driver tastes. GM’s agreements with Pontiac dealers expire Sunday. Read more http://www.businessweek.

Now then, reading admin’s post got me thinking so I did a quick search for more posts on the subject and discovered some more greats. e.g. this post posted four days ago, by eric, on a blog called Eric Peters Autos:

  Finally, as both a desirable and a one-year-only model, the G8 may be the only recent vintage Pontiac whose value will go up as the years go by. * Saturn Sky – This car had the looks. Visually, the Sky roadster is a stunning machine. I attended the West Coast media launch of the Sky a few years back and the car got as much attention from people on the street as a naked supermodel. Something no Saturn model had received in years. People loved it. They waved us over to ask about the car.


The engine sounded awful. At high RPMs it grated like Captain Quint’s fingernails on the chalkboard.   Worst of all, the Sky leaked wind – and worse, rain – like a ragged out ’69 MGB. The roof seal was atrocious. I drove three different press cars and they all leaked. So it wasn’t just one bad car. It was built-in defect. At 60 mph, the wind noise was so severe it was difficult to have a conversation without yelling.


Like the Fiero in the 1980s and the Allante in the 1990s, the initial enthusiasm soured fast once people spent some time with the car. As word got out, sales drooped – then went into unrecoverable freefall. So the Sky – along with Saturn itself – took a ride on the white canoe.  It didn’t have to be. And what makes it all the more tragic, given the Sky’s potential, is that it shouldn’t have gone this way. The car deserved better.

Yet another fine article on the subject came from Review over on Secured Mastercard posted yesterday and entitled Blog Archive » Pontiac Auto Parts Dealers … which is also certainly worth a look!

Fast shop bargain for quality assurance and safety! The control of the vehicle is heavily dependent on all sensorsto coordinate data and signals in different places in different parts of your vehicle. The vehicle’s ECU can analyze if the flow of power exactly to your vehicle. What this does is increase the tension and stabilize BELLON, so that all components work in your vehicle such as audio, lighting, sensors and electronics to its full potential. Stabilizing the voltage of the battery and the battery power consumption is reduced, resulting in increased engine performance. L ‘A. Increase the availability of power and torque.


Save 10% ~ 25% more gas. C. Improve engine response. Faster engine starting, better throttle response. D. Minimum efficiency increases and stabilizes the air conditioning. E. quick-start the engine, improving the ignition system. F.

Hybrid Cars: What’s All The Fuss About?

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Today I discovered an excellent article by admin, posted earlier today, and entitled Hybrid Cars: What's All The Fuss About? that I strongly suggest you all read. Below are a couple of little extracts to whet your appetites!

This implies fewer trips to the gasoline station. Simply think about yourself driving a automotive that may travel greater than 60 miles per gallon. This will likely sound adequate so that you can get a hybrid automotive, however there are extra benefits which you could get from hybrid cars. Again in 2005, President George Bush has signed an agreement that lets the patrons and users of hybrid automotive enjoy big tax breaks. Due to this, you will be able to save money on taxes. One other nice profit which you could get when you have got a hybrid cars are free parking, and a few states have imposed a regulation that hybrid cars must be discounted on toll gates. Hybrid cars are additionally recognized to emit far decrease ranges of pollutants within the air. This implies less air pollution.


You will now ask what sort of technology is inside hybrid cars that makes it so fuel environment friendly and environmentally friendly. Hybrid cars are built-in with the hybrid technology presently existing today. In truth, hybrid technology has existed for a protracted time. It’s used on locomotives, it’s used on submarines and it’s utilized in some buses in some states and countries. Hybrid technology is a mix of electricity and the usual engine. For example, in locomotives, it combines the diesel engine and electrical engine, and in submarines, it combines the nuclear engine and electrical engine. That is much more environment friendly than letting the conventional engine run on its own. In hybrid cars, it combines the vitality of gasoline engines and an electric motor to power the car.


The electric motor will share the labor. With this technology it should assist you to save precious fuel and in addition allow you to emit far decrease volumes of toxic fumes within the air. For example, in case your hybrid automotive is running idle, it should mechanically swap off the gasoline engine and let the automotive run on pure electricity. This may prevent a number of fuel especially if you are stuck in a gridlock visitors jam. At this time, there are hybrid cars which might be designed to run even when the gasoline engine is switched off.

Reading admin’s post started me off thinking so I had a quick search around for some other posts on the subject and found some more gems! e.g. this post posted six days ago, by Tamas Mondovics, on Osprey Observer:

Veldes is one of dozens of area residents who enjoy Costco’s one-stop shopping philosophy and who can now use the 12-pump gas station just outside the store, located at 10921 Causeway Blvd. in Brandon. “It’s about time they added a gas station,” said Kathy Veldes, a Brandon resident and longtime Costco Wholesale member, just moments following the grand opening and ribbon cutting of the stores newest amenity.  Veldes was one of thousands of area residents who enjoy Costco’s one-stop shopping philosophy and who can now use the 12-pump gas station just outside the store, located at 10921 Causeway Blvd. in Brandon.


Costco management staff welcomed the public, which included members of the Brandon, Riverview and Ruskin chambers of commerce, to celebrate the official opening of the new addition in October, while refreshments were provided by Starbucks, Chick-fil-A at Lake Brandon Village and Planet Smoothie completed the festivities. Costco General Manager Hector Mencia explained that the new credit or debit-only station, which requires customers to use their Costco membership card or American Express credit card, consists of six pumping stations with two nozzles each that can reach either side of the car. It will also supply members with five-tier top shelf fuel in both regular and premium grade gasoline. The fuel is said to be not only better for the environment, but also for the cars at no additional cost to Costco members.   “We are constantly searching for ways to add value and pass on saving to our members,” Mencia said. “Adding a gas station to our Brandon location is one of our ways to add that value and savings.


” Mencia emphasized that the pricing of gasoline will be competitive at the new, well-lit, one-way through station for easy traffic flow, which will also be supported by an attendant at all times. “We are known for our members’ confidence in our product, quality and value,” he said.    Costco Marketing Manager Tim Sanders was pleased with the traffic so far, which he said has been steady since the station’s soft opening a week prior and included Democratic candidate Linda Saul-Sena, who is currently running for Hillsborough County Commissioner, District 5. While topping off her gas tank, Saul-Sena said that she is looking forward to taking advantage of the new station. “I am pleased with the choice of clean and affordable gasoline Costco is offering,” she said.   Costco will be celebrating 10 years in Brandon next month, offering its members great value and significant savings, while supporting local charities and schools.  Costco’s Brandon location allows its approximately 40,000 members to save on designer jeans, electronics, tires, home decor, books, snacks, DVDs, CDs, seasonal items and, of course, now also on gasoline. “We have super value and we are super convenient,” Sanders said.

Yet another fine article on the subject came from Lora Kolodny on TechCrunch posted three days ago and entitled Vermont Energy Co. Raises $260000 For Sustainable Gas-And … which is also certainly worth reading!

is highly fragmented, but according to Hoovers research, reaches $200 billion in annual sales mainly selling gasoline. The Vermont Energy Company, if it takes off massively, could become the go-to, roadside brand for drivers seeking grease diesel, or other advanced and clean fuels. [UPDATE:] A co-founder of the Vermont Energy Company, Kevin Hartley, previously founded and sold a renewable energy startup, Green Mountain Energy, to BP in 2000. That business, he said, was the fastest to go from $0 to $100 million in revenue in the state of Vermont. His co-founder and brother John Hartley, he says, is doing the operational work, and heavy lifting with their alternative convenience store and gas station business, while he stays focused on his day job as head of strategy at the Nasdaq-traded, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. A leader in the specialty coffee industry, GMCR uses alternative energy in its operations. In 2009, for example, the company installed a solar rooftop array at their headquarters office in Waterbury, Vermont.


The Vermont Energy Company currently offers drivers of fuel-efficient cars a discount on plain old gasoline. Run under the name The Good Carma program, the discount is based on the miles-per-gallon ratings of customers’ vehciles. Such programs, if they became available nationally, could help encourage consumers to upgrade their rides to more fuel-efficient, if not zero emissions, electric vehicles. Hartley describes the idea of Good Carma as the opposite of a volume discount. “Usually in a free market economy, the more you use, the lower the price.

Hybrid Cars ? The Cars Of The Times!

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I just stumbled upon an awesome article by admin, posted earlier today, and entitled Hybrid Cars ? The Cars Of The Times! that I strongly suggest all of you read! Below are a few little extracts in the hope of piquing your interest!

Most common among these hybrid vehicles are those cars that use gasoline and electrical energy as their source of power. Serious experimentations with ethanol or plant based oils are also being conducted. History The history of hybrid cars runs back to the time when inventors were strongly battling to switch over from steam-powered automobiles to electrically driven carriages. At best, these could be termed as trials and were limited to working with just one, two or few models.

Reading admin’s post started me thinking so I had a quick search around for some more articles on the subject and found some more gems! e.g. this post by 5magazine, posted two days ago, over on 5:

5 has created the content of this website with the utmost care. However, no guarantee can be given for the content made available is entirely accurate, complete and up-to-date. The content is to be used at the user’s own risk and we reserves the right to change or stop providing the content. 5 cannot be held liable for the content of linked websites and has no influence on the current and future design and content of linked pages.If you consider that we use inappropriately pictures text audio or video materials, please write us and we will provide to remove them immediately. 5 applies the Creative Commons Attribution License to all works we publish. Under the CCAL, authors retain ownership of the copyright for their article, but authors allow anyone to download, reuse, reprint, modify, distribute, and/or copy articles so long as the original authors and source are cited.

Finally, another fine post came from Debjit Mukerji over on Cleantech Insights posted three days ago and entitled Doing More with Internal Combustion ? VanDyne Superturbo which is also definitely worth reading!

by Debjit Mukerji | October 28th 2010 Internal combustion engines (ICEs) are likely to be featured in one form or another – as a standalone powerplant or in a hybrid arrangement – in more than 95% of global automotive applications over the next decade.  Fort Collins, CO-based VanDyne SuperTurbo, a 2009 spinout of Woodward Governor (Nasdaq: WGOV), is addressing new opportunities in the ICE space by designing and developing components for heavy duty engine manufacturers as well as the global automotive market.  The technology goal is to meet ever-stringent emissions targets – as exemplified by the evolution of the U.S. CAFE standards – without compromising performance.  The company’s lead product, the VanDyne SuperTurbocharger, is designed to increase fuel efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and increase horsepower.


  This creates a hybrid engine, effectively a piston engine working together with a turbine engine.  The device synergistically combines the technology benefits of turbochargers with superchargers (which require input power to provide boost) and turbocompounders (which convert exhaust energy to shaft work).  By implementing exhaust gas reuse and allowing engine downsizing, the company claims it can achieve a 36% increase in efficiency without compromising low-end torque and throttle response.  The consumer automotive version of the SuperTurbocharger has successfully completed a first round of extensive internal validation and has been under test with a leading OEM since June 2010.


  Product shipment is expected to commence in 2012. VanDyne has received multiple government grants, including awards from the National Science Foundation and Army SBIR.  It is also participating in the U.S. Department of Energy Super Truck program.  The company is currently working directly with several OEMs that will facilitate its development to volume production.  VanDyne is also partnered with Colorado State University’s Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory and is a participant in the Fort ZED public-private partnership.  The company has received a number of recent awards, including being named 2010 Emerging Cleantech Company of the Year last week by the Colorado Cleantech Industry Association. Led by CEO, founder, and Woodward Governor technology veteran Ed VanDyne, the company has raised an undisclosed amount of early stage capital from Infield Capital and individual investors.

What to Look For In Cheap Used Cars

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Earlier I found a stimulating article by unknown, posted earlier today, and entitled What to Look For In Cheap Used Cars that I strongly suggest everyone reads. Here are some little excerpts to whet your appetites!

Thеу аrе οnlу thеrе bесаυѕе thеу аrе seized bу thе government. Othеr sources οf used cars аt government auto auctions аrе government cars thаt аrе replaced οn a regular basis. Bυt before уου push ahead аnd jump іntο thаt pool οf ехсеllеnt quality cheap used cars, know thаt ѕοmе cars wіll bе better thаn thе others, аnd ѕοmе wіll mаkе a better value fοr уουr buck. Meaningful hοw tο check cheap used cars аt government auctions wіll hеlр уου gеt thе best deal. Sο read οn аnd learn thе five things thаt уου need tο look out fοr. Manageable WarrantyIn ѕοmе cases, уου mау come асrοѕѕ used cars thаt аrе still very quite nеw thаt thе manufacturer’s warranty іѕ still effective аnd hаѕ nοt уеt expired.


Check out thе cars condition іn аnd out, even іf cheap used cars аt government auto auctions usually undergo detailing before thеу аrе showcased. Car DevelopYου mау аlѕο want tο check аbουt thе particular develop οf thе car tο know іf thеrе аrе common problems usually associated wіth іt. Yου саn check out reviews frοm οthеr owners іn thе internet аnd car magazines. Terms And Conditions οf SaleAnd lastly, study thoroughly thе terms аnd conditions governing thе sale οf thе car.

Now, reading this started me thinking so I googled for some other articles on the subject and uncovered some more gems. e.g. this post posted four days ago, by admin, over on Rbay | Your Auction Community:

on it ?… into going to siezed auto auctions any advice or info Are government auto auctions scams?…for cheap. Found some auto auctions online, like government repossesion, seizures, etc… auctions that say they are “government auctions” are actually private … Are government tax foreclosures auctions a good way to find cheap properties? If so, where do I look? ? , the bank will have a rep at the auction to bid up the price to cover their lien. You… Are government tax foreclosures auctions a good way to find cheap properties? If so, where do I look? ? Austin, TX. I suggest you “google” tax foreclosures, your town, your state. It should… Are there any COUNTY, STATE or GOVERNMENT-sponsored WEBSITES listing FORECLOSURES/BANKRUPTCY PROPERTIES/SALE?Particularly interested in: Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Suffolk County homes and condos (NOT… A title company can provide lists of foreclosure properties. They will commonly do… Are there any free government auctions?…a car but all the government auctions on the web charge… any kind of a car or truck at a government auction is like opening a huge box… Are there any good government owned auction sites for vehicles?Heard these were miracles workers… anyone know where to find… link you to other government departments that have auctions.


Isn’t there an easier way… government+auto+auctions?&ei=UTF-8…”>…com/search?search=government+auto+auctions?&ei=UTF-… Buy a home for 0 via Government foreclosure house sales…Is it for real?…just seen a TV commercial about government tax foreclosure house sales. They were… the case all these houses in foreclosure would be sold.. Buying cars in a government auction?…so my father told me about this auction that takes place in san antonio TX… at these auctions you would…with you to the auction. Also if you bid… More Government Auctions please visit : http://www.morefaq.

Another fantastic post came from Robert Thomas over on The Cars posted five days ago, entitled About Government Auto Auctions which is also definitely worth a look!

About Government Auto Auctions The federal government is possibly the biggest car buyer in the country and has a clear cut procedure for disposing of its old cars and trucks. In the course of a year, there are about 300 of these auctions held, in different parts of the country. There is no registration fee for taking part in a government auto auction and anyone who has a driver’s license and is over 18 can bid for the cars at these auctions. These government auto auctions are conducted in many ways – besides traditional live auction, internet auctions, fixed or negotiated price auctions, drop by sales and sealed bid auctions are methods in use. The government accepts payment in various forms, making it easy for successful bidders to pay and drive home – credit cards, cash, cashier’s checks and money order are all accepted. Government auto auctions are conducted by the General Services Administration and, on an average, over 30,000 cars and trucks are sold in this way every year. While a few of these vehicles may have seen heavy use, the majority will have low mileage and be in very good condition. All vehicles sold at government auto auctions are carefully detailed before they are placed on sale and many come with extras and options that add significantly to their value.


But since these are government auto auctions with no personal profit involved, there is no chance of being deliberately cheated and so the risks of buying from here are much less than in private auctions. As long as you have a basic knowledge of automobiles, or have someone who does to advise you, buying from a government auto auction can result in being able to drive off with a great bargain – the kind you will not be able to find anywhere else. But be prepared to be patient and wait until you find the right car – rushing into buying a car only because it is available cheap can result in your ending up with a car that is not right for your or does not meet your needs. Another source of government auctioned cars is the U.S.

BMW Cars?, Fuel pump problems force return of BMW cars – Walle …

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Earlier I stumbled upon a wonderful article by unknown, posted earlier today, over on WalleGame entitled BMW Cars?, Fuel pump problems force return of BMW cars – Walle … that I would suggest you all read. Here are a couple of excerpts to whet your appetites!

Many car alarm systems are being used in the cars and they are more famous. Many car alarm systems are providing latest technology and they are user friendly user can operate these security system more easily without having any problem. Car Alarm system can control using remote control, it is easier to control your car while shopping and at many places. These car alarm system having LCD remote control notify the owner about the car’s location and indicates that the car is being touched, started by some person. When someone touches the car security system raised a loud noise to let its owner know that someone is trying to open the door.

Now, reading this got me thinking so I did a quick search for some other posts on the subject and discovered some more greatarticles! i.e. And the winner is??. | Eastwood Blog by NickC, posted earlier today, over on Auto Body Repair Help, Car Repair Advice, Auto Accessories Information ? Eastwood Blog:

  “Growing up on a farm and restoring and repairing things were just a part of life,” Shinn noted. Eastwood’s Anniversary Dream Ride Tour contest randomly chose one grand prize winner, Tom Shinn.  He will be flown from New Jersey to Las Vegas where he and his wife will enjoy an unforgettable four-day, three night stay filled with once in a lifetime opportunities. Eastwood will be exhibiting at the SEMA show, which draws the industry’s hottest products and attracts over 100,000 industry leaders from 100 countries featuring performance, accessories, restoration and motor sports products.

Yet another fantastic article on the subject came from LS on The Maven Report posted back in 2007 and entitled The Brabus Mercedes McLaren SLR Roadster which is also definitely worth a read.

The Maven Report is a leading leisure activities events information provider, providing the most current information on music, movie, nightlife, sports, art, and cultural events. The Maven Report allows consumers and patrons to make informed decisions about where to spend their time and money by delivering up-to-date information, trusted reviews, and opinions of their peers.See Authors Posts (2103)   | Filed under cars/motorcycles Here is a vehicle that oozes with class, style and splendor that are befitting to the brand Mclaren Mercedes-Benz. The new Brabus, which is a modification of the original Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster, virtually blows you off your feet with its sheer looks and once you go in and take a deeper look at it, it portrays both quality and luxury that are almost unmatched. Every dollar spent on this immaculate beauty is more than worth its value and it is sure to draw more than a few eyeballs as you drive it on the road. Hell, it would have people’s eyeballs pop out of their sockets, with the kind of magnificence it offers. The first and the most unique aspect of this Mclaren, which makes it so alluring is the fact that the Mclaren boss’s seem to have added some much needed color to the vehicle.


The interior of the car looks both catchy and striking. Yet at no point has elegance and comfort been overlooked. The car has carbon fiber applications for dashboard, center console and door trim transfer the racing look of the BRABUS body components into the interior. The exposed carbon-fiber trim can be color-coordinated with the leather color of the interior. The steering wheel is also ergonomically shaped to give more seating space and offers integrated buttons for data transmission. The Brabus Mercedes McLaren SLR Roadster is an awesome car to hit the road and driving it would be nothing short of taking a F1 car across the track. It looks great for a two-seater and it has all one can ask for.

Motor vehicles up quickly? | Used Cars

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Recently I came across a wonderful post posted earlier today, by admin, and entitled Motor vehicles up quickly? | Used Cars that I would strongly suggest all of you read! Here are some little extracts in the hope of whetting your appetites!

It ‘was the producer of some of the earliest trucks and was purchased in 1909 by GM. In 1912 the name GMC was first eliminated by the New York Auto Show in 1996 and the suffix-truck was. What most people know is that GMC also makes cars. In 1902 Max Grabowski founded a company called "Rapid Motor Vehicle Company, which developed some of the firstTrucks never developed. In 1909 General Motors bought the company was made to form the basis for the General Motors Truck Company, from which GMC Truck was. In 1912 the name "GMC Truck" for the first time demonstrated that the exhibition at the New new car. In 1996 GM trucks dropped ‘the word’ from the GMC Truck name, thus the name of the GMC as we know it today. There never was a Grabowski Motor Company or a Grabowski Motor Corp.


manufacturer of cars and operating brands such as Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Daewoo, GMC, Holden, Hummer, Opel, Pontiac, Saturn, Saab and Vauxhall and Chevrolet GMC divisions produce trucks in the world and cars Other brands include ACDelco, Allison Transmission, and General Motors Electro-Motive Division that producesdiesel-electric locomotives. GM also holds stakes in Isuzu, Subaru and Suzuki in Japan and a joint venture with AvtoVAZ (Lada) in Russia. In December 2003, it acquired Delta in South Africa, where he acquired a 45 per cent in 1997, and this is now a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors South Africa. GM Renaissance Center headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. General Motors is the largest car manufacturer in the world and employs over 340,000 people. In 2001, GM8.5 million vehicles sold by all sectors. In 2002, GM sold 15 percent of all cars and trucks in the world.


They also owned Electronic Data Systems, 1984-1996, is a former Ross Perot company and prior to the sale of News Corporation, DirecTV. GM owned Frigidaire from 1918 to 1979. The current chairman (since May 1, 2003) and Chief Executive Officer (from 1 June 2000), Rick Wagoner, succeeding John F. Smith, Jr. General Motors sold its 20Percentage of shareholding in Fuji Heavy Industries, parent company of Subaru, in a deal that more than 700 million dollars according to October 6, 2005 News release could cause. Even General Motors Canada auto workers voted on Sunday for a new contract to be laid off 1,000 workers ratify in the next three years, said the Canadian Auto Workers and GM. General Motors lost $ 2.

Now, reading this article got me thinking so I had a quick search around for more articles on the subject and discovered some more greats. i.e. Being Steve Jobs' Boss: Confessions of the last man to manage the … by admin, posted four days ago, on CampusKista : Business and Finance Meets Innovation:

Sourced from Steve Jobs was 28 years old in 1983 and already recognized as one of the most innovative thinkers in Silicon Valley. The Apple (AAPL) board, though, was not ready to anoint him chief executive officer and picked PepsiCo (PEP) President John Sculley, famous for creating the Pepsi Challenge, to lead the company. Sculley helped increase Apple’s sales from $800 million to $8 billion annually during his decade as CEO, but he also presided over Jobs’ departure, which sent Apple into what Sculley calls its “near-death experience.


I remember Akio Morita gave Steve and me each one of the first Sony Walkmans. None of us had ever seen anything like that before, because there had never been a product like that. This is 25 years ago, and Steve was fascinated by it. The first thing he did with his was take it apart, and he looked at every single part. How the fit and finish was done, how it was built. He was fascinated by the Sony factories. We went through them. They would have different people in different colored uniforms.


” Steve and I spent months getting to know each other before I joined Apple. He had no exposure to marketing other than what he picked up on his own. This is sort of typical of Steve. When he knows something is going to be important, he tries to absorb as much as he possibly can. One of the things that fascinated him: I described to him that there’s not much difference between a Pepsi and a Coke, but we were outsold 9 to 1.

Another fantastic post on the subject came from admin on Los Angeles Web Design Jobs posted earlier today and entitled WEB MANAGER (BEVERLY HILLS) which is also certainly worth a read!

Yet our office is only minutes away from Rodeo Drive. The position would be at our location and 2-3 days a week.. The job can grow into a 5 day a week job depending on your skill sets. We offer various perks including flexible hours and days, suburb artistic setting, and a park like environment housed in a spectacular setting. The main part of the job will be working with our customers and vendors. You will also be updating our site, adding features and building spread sheets from data bases in excel for uploads.

Pontiac, maker of muscle cars, ends after 84 years

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I recently stumbled upon a stimulating post posted earlier today, by admin, over on Artesia News entitled Pontiac, maker of muscle cars, ends after 84 years that I would suggest all of you read! Here are a couple of extracts to whet your appetites!

GM revived the brand by connecting it to auto racing. From then on, each Pontiac sales boom was driven by speed; each bust generally featured outdated or boring rides. The brand’s most storied muscle car, the GTO, came about when some GM engineers took a small car called the Tempest and put a powerful V8 engine under the hood. The letters stood for “Gran Turismo Omologato,” Italian for “ready to race.” Sparked by the GTO, the Pontiac brand thrived, making up 17 percent of the 5.4 million cars and trucks GM sold in the U.S.


in 1968. The GTO even spawned its own 1960s hit song. “C’mon and turn it on, wind it up, blow it out GTO,” was the chorus of the tune by Ronny and the Daytonas. Pontiac’s decline stemmed from a lack of a consistent strategy or leadership. Executives rotated through every few years on their way up the corporate ladder, each with a different vision. Some even tried to make Pontiac a luxury brand. One strategy that eventually hurt the brand was rebadging: putting the guts of less powerful GM cars inside the skins of Pontiacs.


Despite its prime perch, the $32,000 car hasn’t sold. Augelli gets emotional when speaking of Pontiac’s end. “I miss it already,” he says. ___ AP Business Writer Chuck Bartels in Little Rock, Ark.

Now, reading admin’s post started me thinking so I did a google search for some more posts on the subject and discovered some more goodarticles! e.g. this post by earth, posted back in September, on Earthquakes Today:

Japanese auto executives said that their North American plants had not been affected, but they could not rule out interruptions in the future. “There’s no immediate impact. However, we’re investigating,” said Victor Vanov, a spokesman for Toyota’s U.S. manufacturing headquarters in Erlanger, Ky.
Although the Texas pickup plant of Toyota is still running, most of its assembly plants have been idled this week in preparation for the scheduled summer shutdown. The News also reported that other Japanese automakers like the Honda Motor Co.


The Nissan turn signal is not showing a different plight. Nissan, which purchases transmissions from Jatco, said it was assisting Riken to ensure its supplies. “We are preparing an action plan to minimize any potential impact to our vehicle production,” the company said. Ryan Thomas is a native of Denver, Colorado. He grew up in a family of car afficionados. He now resides in Detroit where he owns a service shop and works part time as a consultant for a local automotive magazine.

Another fine post on the subject came from Susan Thompson on Americas News Online posted five days ago and entitled Toyota Recalls And Japanese Currency Holding Strong Are Bad Omens which is also definitely worth reading!

Japanese automakers are scrambling to cut costs and sell more cars to compensate for damages caused by a stronger currency. Announcements Toyota will announce second quarter results on May 5 November. In August, the automaker raised its forecast for net profit for the year ending March to 340 billion yen (4.18 billion) against an earlier estimate of 310 million yen. Although the manufacturer increased production abroad to reduce the negative currency impact on exports, Toyota plans to maintain annual national production of about 3 million cars, “he said. Toyota built 3.2 million cars in Japan last fiscal year to 7.

Cars ? Tyre Changes Explained

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I just came across a great article by contributor, posted earlier today, over on entitled Cars ? Tyre Changes Explained that I encourage you all to read. Below are a couple of extracts in the hope of whetting your appetites!

In order to change a car tyre, you first need to jack your car up. Your car should come with a jack but these can be bought cheaply from most maintenance stores. Ensuring your ignition is off and your handbrake is on, loosen the wheel nuts slightly and place the jack under the jacking point on the underside of your car. Carefully use the jack to raise the vehicle up to a point where you can easily remove the existing tyre and have enough room to fit the new tyre to the car.


When your wheel touches the road, tighten the bolts securely. Check your air pressure regularly. Referring to the guidance pressures in the manual, this will give you better fuel economy and will keep tread wear even. Rotate the tyres every 7,500 miles to reduce uneven wear.

Reading this article got me thinking so I did a quick search for more articles on the subject and discovered some more gems! For example, this post posted two days ago, by dave, on a blog called Modified Cars | Modified Car Club, Forums, Videos & Gallery |

A fantastic idea, as particularly on 5 stud cars, this can save a significant amount of weight. The new Richbrook range works as a security measure in its own right, but also looks far more homogenous when combined with a set of their lightweight nuts. Most anti-theft bolts are fairly heavy and incongruous in their design, meaning that they stick out like a sore thumb once bolted up. Richbrook’s elegant locking solution uses 5 slightly eccentric lobes on each nut’s driven face, meaning only the unique tool supplied with each set with allow them to turn. With numerous different combinations of lobes available, most thieves will move on and try something a little easier! Security aside, these new nuts weigh 65% less than their steel equivalent! – meaning that combined with a set of aluminium nuts, they should make a tangible difference, both aesthetically and dynamically.  Silver and Gunmetal finishes are available to cater for most popular tuner applications. The Locking Nuts are priced at £26.

Finally, another fine article came from Mic on Patrol 4×4 – Nissan Patrol Forum posted two days ago and entitled Tags on the wheel nuts which is also certainly worth a look!

Thanks guys, i expect them to look daggy, but can’t work out how they’ll fit as the hubcap’ll get in the way of the conventional one i think… I agree Benno, i’ll get a torque wrench and do them up myself – just curious as to what they’ll look like – also using it as leverage to convince the missus to let me get a new set of allows so the stocko’s can be for play ! Furthermore, the dude at the workshop told me to keep an eye opn the dash, i said sweet. Also i asked about the CRD leak – he said something about sealant on some bung… not sure about that atm… __________________ Quote: Originally Posted by MQ MAD Did i stand on anyones toes with that opinion ??? Rock Stock and Loving IT! CRD Patrol Club Member #76 Gold Patrol Club Member #46 .

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I just found a stimulating article by Jacqueline Star, posted earlier today, over on EZINE ARTICLE DIRECTORY Free EzineArticles Submission Directly to Ezine Article Directory entitled Famous Cars From The Movies | EZINE ARTICLE DIRECTORY Free … that I suggest all of you read! I’ve included a few extracts to whet your appetites!

Here are a few of the most infamous cars to ever hit the silver screen. Aston Martin DB5 “GoldFinger”- The British brand is well renowned for crafting gorgeous and powerful automobiles. The stunning DB5 model has gained many fans and admirers worldwide due to its appearance in numerous James Bond flicks including “Goldfinger” and “Thunderball”. The actual DB5 model that was driven by Sean Connery in the movie was recently purchased at a British auction at the price $4.6 million dollars. The engine is 4.


Ford Coupe-”American Graffiti”- The 1932 Deuce coupe is memorable for its final drag race scene in the cult classic movie “American Graffiti”. This bright yellow ride comes with a V8 3.6 Ltr engine and puts out 60 hp. Deuce’s role emphasizes the significance of the Ford brand in popular American culture.

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By 1916, the Dodge cars were the second largest selling in the US, behind only the Ford Model T. After the death of the Dodge brothers in 1920, the company was first sold to Dillon, Reed & Co. for a reported $146 million (the largest financial transaction in history), and later to Chrysler for a $170 million stock deal. By this time, Dodge had dropped to no. 7 in the US automobile sales charts. A major turning point in the fortunes of Dodge motors was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the United States’ entry into WWII. The Dodge brand was particularly successful of the Chrysler line of products as a military vehicle because of the durability of its light trucks.


The lumbering, fuel inefficient Dodges, however, weren’t prepared for the fuel crisis of 1973 when the demand for efficient, smaller cars soared. The financially strained parent company, Chrysler, couldn’t move quickly enough to modify its line up to meet this new challenge, and in 1979, applied to, and received federal loan guarantees to protect it from a near certain bankruptcy. After the near bankruptcy experience, Dodge parent company, Chrysler branched out into smaller, more efficient models like the Caravan. Dodge, however, maintained its sporty/aggressive lineage with the introduction of models like the Dodge Spirit, and the still popular Dodge Viper. In the modern day, Dodge is best known for its aggressively styled cars like the Dodge Challenger and Charger, and its powerful, sturdy trucks, the Dodge Ram and the Dodge Dakota. Despite the company’s primary market of pickup trucks and big, sporty cars seeing a significant fall in demand owing to the rising cost of fuel and the economic recession, Dodge has continued to stay strong in the North American market.

Yet another fine article came from admin on b2b b2c infomations posted a fortnight ago, entitled Is The Dodge Charger Considered An American Muscle Car? | b2b b2c … which is also definitely worth reading.

This is an easy one NHRA funny car Dodge Charger driven by Ron Caps, is that enough proof?, If not ask Gary Scelzi, he drove one too. or Don Garlits, Or Don Prudhome. their cars are on display in the Wally Parks Museum in Pomona, next door to Home of Drag Racing where the fastest side by side racers come to compete. and also home to the winter and fall nationals’ and for the record GT comes from Gran Turismo Obbligato, a race that was held in europe in the late 50′s and early 60′s That started in northern Italy and raced through parts of Austria , and Germany ending in France, and Ferrari invented the term before Ford appropriated it, a Ford never won it. because as much as you try AC is not Ford they are two separate car companies, even if they are not now.

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Download Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars Now!Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars – ENG | 302 MB Players race as their favorite outlaw drivers in Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars. There are 16 cars to choose from in the official game of the World of Outlaws racing series. This sequel to Dirt Track Racing features 20 tracks, including Knoxville Speedway, Eldora Speedway, and Williams Grove, plus players can import tracks from the original game. The game supports players of all skills levels with adjustable difficulty settings. Effects include dust, skid marks, and vehicle damage.

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You are here: Home / New Games / Dirt Track Racing This software is BRAND NEW. Packaging may differ slightly from the stock photo above. Please click on our logo above to see over 15,000 titles in stock.With speed in the straightaways and grip on the curves, you jockey for position in the heat of the pack. Riding the groove, you white-knuckle the last turn and slingshot past the leader toward the flying checkered flag. This is the world’s first authentic dirt-track racing game–from qualification to championship. From the fender-bending, dog-ea Rating: (out of 6 reviews) List Price: $ 24.

Finally, another fine article came from admin on Dirt Track Racing posted back in September, entitled STEWART SNARES SECOND CONSECUTIVE CANADIAN SPRINT CAR NATIONALS which is also certainly worth reading!

381 (11) 3. 80 Chris Steele (Vineland) – 14.787 (36) 4. 11x Tim Allison (Cridersville, OH) – 14.


14h Jim Huppunen (27) 22. 12 Tim Kelly (11) 23. 3w Ryan Grubaugh (17) 24. 10c Jeff Cook (15) DNF 25. 151kb Brian McDonald (10) DNF 26. 6n Dain Naida (1) DNF 27.


995 seconds) Bicknell Racing Products Fastest Canadian Qualifier Award – 12c Tom Huppunen (14.057 seconds) Corr/Pak Merchandising “Roadkill Bill Peer Memorial” Best Appearing Car Award – 10 Mitchell Brown A-Main Contingency Sponsors: Comp Cams, Grisdale Racing Products, Winters Racing Products, Seals-It, Hoosier Tire, Manton Pushrods, HRP Wings, Motorstate Distributing, Kinser Air Filters, Diversified Machine, Rocket Headers, Saldana Racing Products, Keizer Aluminum Wheels, ISC Racer’s Tape, Corr/Pak Merchandising, Awesome Racewear, Inside Track Motorsport News VINTAGE CARS A-FEATURE (12 laps) Position. Number Name (Hometown) 1. 99 Dave Charczuk (Lewiston, NY) 2.